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Did you have a fabulous 4th of July weekend? Do you have the pictures to prove it but keep them hidden in your cell phone?  My suggestion: display the best ones on your wall and keep those memories fresh!

Frame-1Recently, my boyfriend (and roommate) and I went on a dream vacation. This was a trip
that was absolutely picture-worthy, but we weren’t sure how to display all the ones I wanted to print out. I turned to Pinterest and found this amazing idea! (Inspiration thanks to GoodWillionaire .)

You could call me a picture freak. I have more frames than any one person should have because I love being able to look around and remember fun times and amazing friends. So, we turned a quick trip to Walmart and one Sunday afternoon into a reminder of the fun we had on vacation. You could put this photo display together as a perfect statement piece in a room. Fill it with fun photos of you and your roommates, family, friends or places you’ve visited.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pictures. Pick out good ones (and figure out about how many you want to display) and have them printed. This was super easy using Walmart’s online Photo Center, but you can use any big box store’s or drug store’s center.  I chose square photos because it gave it a unique feel.

Frame. Choose a good size for your space (and amount of photos you want to show off). The frame we got was only $20! Check your local Goodwill for even better bargains. Don’t worry about getting high quality glass. Ours had cheap plastic instead of glass. No matter, it gets tossed!

Wire/string. This is up to you! Choose something that fits the theme of your room, or choose something discreet like the silver beading wire we selected.

Tiny clothespins. These are the cutest things in the world. We got a little bag of them.

Spray paint (optional). We wanted to spray paint our clothespins, but we chose a paint with little rocks in it (bad idea). Choose a smooth spray paint in a matching color, or leave the pins plain.

Screws. Choose tiny ones (about 1/4-1/2 inches) You need these to screw into the back of the frame and attach the strings to. Too big? Your frame won’t lie flat against the wall. Too small? The wire will be tough to attach.

Here’s what to do:Frame 2

  1. Take apart the frame and toss the glass/plastic.
  2. Set the frame (backside up) on the floor and lay your pictures out within it. This will help you figure out where to hang the wires and how many photos can go on each row. You can use math, but we just planned it visually.
  3. Once your lines of photos are even, start to screw in the screws at the top of the left- and right-most photos. Make sure those are even! You can use the wire as a long ruler.
  4. Leave the tops of the screws exposed—you’ll attach the wire here.
  5. Wrap your wire around the screw tightly. Knot it around the head if possible.
  6. Stretch the wire to the opposite screw and attach.
  7. Complete steps 3-6 for each row of photos.
  8. Attach your photos to the wires using clothespins.
  9. Hang up and enjoy!!

Let me know how yours turns out.

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