Store Away Winter, Get Ready for Summer

It’s June 1st. Do you know where your favorite shorts are hiding?  It’s suddenly t-shirt weather, but is your closet still full of  bulky sweaters? If you have not yet made the transition from winter to summer in your apartment, here are a few ways to organize your stuff and make way for sunshine and flip-flops.

Underbed Storage

Under your bed is the place where you occasionally kick a few things in a rush cleaning job. It can also be a great storage area for those bulky sweaters, heavy jackets, and heavy bedding you’ve been using for last many months. You can buy underbed storage holders and make way for your light linens and shirts in your small closet. I suggest the soft fabric containers. They’re more pliable and you can definitely squeeze more stuff in them than the hard case plastic containers. Underbed storage can also work very well for snow boots and other winter shoes.

Christa storage

Vacuum Bag Storage

If you don’t have any open space underneath your bed, there’s another way to create extra room in your closets. Vacuum storage bags like these from Amazon can  turn large quantities of clothing into small, easily storable packages. If you already have a vacuum, that’s half the battle. All you have to do is put your clothing into the special storage bag and use the vacuum nozzle to suck the air out and deflate the sealed bag. A king sized bed comforter can shrink down to the size of a folded sheet with a vacuum bag. With that much space recovered, your closet can now easily hold your summer wardrobe and even a few up-to-the-minute additions.
Amazon bags 2

Decorative Baskets

Who says being organized can’t look good? Most storage bins are big, clunky, and far from attractive. Fortunately for you renters out there, if the first two options don’t work for you, you can purchase a few decorative bins to help relieve your storage woes. This solution can also act like a piece of décor if you buy a few that compliment your overall look in the room. A couple of large baskets with one or two smaller ones can give any room a more uniform, organized, and stylish look. Who has to know that your gloves and hats or winter boots are in them? Arrange the bins on top of a surface or stack them against a wall and you’ll have yourself a storage system with some flair.



Vintage Suitcases

Depending on your decorating style, a stack of vintage suitcases can make an unique and attractive storage solution.  You can find old suitcases in thrift stores.  Just make sure they are reasonably clean and do not harbor any little pests.

Suitcase storage

Photo by Where My Heart Resides blogger Ashlee.

As a renter, storage can be a huge issue. If you live in a large city like NYC, it can be especially frustrating. With these options, your apartment will look less cluttered and your summer becomes that much more enjoyable. The best part is all of these options are affordable! They range from $5 – $35 depending on where you buy your supplies and how many you need. You can find smart storage items in your local dollar store, a discount chain (think Target/Walmart), thrift store and internet sites, such as However you decide to proceed, you can’t go wrong with extra storage. And when the long, sweet summer is over, you can do a “storage 180”:  take out your woollies and the use the boxes to put away your summer clothing!

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