How to Be a Subletter

Available Room Sign on boardThough I’ve sublet my room several times while I was away, I do not have much experience with subletting from someone else.   I was trying to figure out where to go when my lease expires next month, and I realized that subletting for the summer made the most financial and logistical sense.  As a person who has hosted subletters before and lived with other subletters, there were many provisions I wanted laid out before I agreed to spend the summer with two new roommates.

For the room:

-Will it be furnished?
-Will the closets be empty?
-What, if anything, will be left behind?
-Will anyone go in my room when I’m out?  Is there a open-door policy?
-Can I have a friend stay over during the summer?

For the roommates:

-What are any rules I should be informed of?
-Are there any rules I would prefer during my sublease?  I.e. no smoking.
-Is there a chore wheel or splitting of responsibilities?
-Is there a shower or cooking schedule?
-Is there a guest policy?

For the logistics:

-The date and prospective time of move in and move out.
-Is there a security deposit?  If so, will you be holding the check or cashing the check and then returning the amount assuming no damage has been done?
-When are rent and bills due?  Who should the payments be made out to?

You don’t want any surprises — unless it’s your roommate waking you up with fresh breakfast every morning– before you move into the sublet, so be sure you have any questions about a new living situation worked out beforehand!

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