Moving to First Apartment in Atlanta

Last week, I made a big move. No, not big like finishing a marathon or big like having a good hair day. But, big for a college kid who adores their parents and has lived with them forever.  I informed my parents that I planned to move out of their home for the summer and into…you guessed it.

An apartment.

They weren’t thrilled with the idea, but begrudgingly agreed that it made more sense for me to live closer to my summer job than out in the ‘burbs with them.

Sarah Lamb 2Oh, did I mention my boyfriend of three years (and our puppy) will be accompanying me on this adventure? That’s why (I think) they were a bit begrudging about the whole thing. However, they are less old-school than most and ended up approving this idea, understanding that our relationship is long-term and this summer could serve as a great experiment in the real world. The BF and I immediately started finalizing big plans for our summer in OUR apartment.

The BF, Matt, has been living alone in a tiny apartment for almost a year now where I will join him in a few short weeks. By tiny I mean tiny. It comprises of a living room, a sliver of a kitchen (temperamental oven-stove combo included), a hall closet, a bathroom that fits one person at a time and a bedroom. But we’re young and broke so it should fit our needs more than adequately. Plus, when he moved out, he furnished it with his mom’s old things, so we don’t really have to worry about that (except that nothing matches…perhaps that will be a summer project). It’s near a fun part of town, too, so this summer will be my first experience with city life.

Am I excited? Yes! Nervous? Also yes. This is the first time I’ll encounter rent and utilities payments, a kitchen I am expected to use regularly, and someone else’s stuff all over the place every day. As a neat freak, that last part may just scare me the most. While my domestic skills are restricted to ironing, I am more than willing to learn (thanks, Pinterest), experiment and share all the ugly details with you.

Between my utter inexperience, Matt’s sense of adventure, and my goal of having the best summer yet in OUR apartment…the stories and advice should be endless. So, buckle up out there. And thanks for following along.

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