Decorating Your First Apartment with IKEA: The 2014 PS Collection

When it’s time to furnish and decorate your very first apartment, many budget-minded renters head straight to Ikea for all the necessities. Cliche? Maybe, but there are plenty of good reasons why this store is a favorite among those looking to buy furniture for the very first time — their designs focus on saving space, and money. Their “living in the moment” 2014 PS Collection offers even more reasons to buy because it was inspired by “the way people live today, often in unconventional spaces and never in one place for long.” Essentially, the first-time renter is the muse behind this new series, so each item is focused on giving you exactly what you need for your new apartment — both in terms of style and functionality. Since the line’s launch, I’ve been obsessed with how well the 20 designs filled the need for affordable, multi-functional and cool first apartment decor pieces. To help all of you first time renters, I’ve pulled my top 10 apartment-friendly picks from the collection. Browse and be delighted!

1. Many Pieces In One:

This couch/bed/storage area takes first place because it replaces multiple items on your shopping list. Forget shopping for a couch, a dresser, and a bed —  simply make one purchase and call it a day. At first glance, the $799 price tag seemed a little steep, but when I considered how much more it would break the bank to purchase each of the furniture pieces separately (and brand new from the store), it became clear that this item is a steal. And adding to the brownie points, this piece is also a phenomenal space saver.

It's a couch

It’s a couch

....and a bed!

….and a bed!

2. Savvy Storage:

Apartment renters often have one really big complaint about their living quarters — the lack of storage space. This super unique and customizable wardrobe (the plastic pieces can be crafted into your own design) comes in at $179 and captured my attention right the start. It’s versatile, it’s a fabulous way to create extra storage, and it isn’t ugly like some of the storage options that are available, such as plastic tubs or cardboard boxes.


3. Super Handy Shelving:

This creative shelf has taken the usefulness to a whole new level. Not only is it designed to save space, this item has extra pegs along the top for hanging things like your jewelry, belts, etc. The best part? It’s only $49.99!


4. Light & Stool Combo:

If you’ve ever tried to purchase a lamp, then you know that they can be really really expensive. This ingenious light and stool combo makes owning a cool lamp affordable and it gives you an extra place to sit or a helpful step when you need to reach one of those pesky high places in your apartment. At just $69.99, this fun purchase is really useful and not too badly priced either.


5. Table of Many Uses: 

Featuring a bamboo top and two drop-leaf sides, this table is the ideal desk and dining table combination. I personally appreciate the fact that you can adjust the size to fit your needs and can tackle double duty, as both a workspace and a great place to sit down to dinner. The damage? Just $179.


6. Kitchen On-The-G0:

This set of 6 serving dishes finds a home on this list because they are perfect for a person who is always on the go. Use them for tonight’s dinner, pop on the lid, and take the leftovers to work tomorrow! Made for refrigeration and for the microwave, this set is a great way to start your kitchen supply for only $24.99!


7. Corner Cabinet: 

Priced at $99, this corner cabinet is an awesome space-saving option that also allows you some extra storage without sacrificing cuteness factor. Available in white too!


8. The Ultimate Side Table:

This side table (priced at $49.99) is equipped with just what every side table needs — 4 bowls. Not, not the bowls that would use in your kitchen, but rather as places for your flower pot or even a cup of gummy bears while you watch the game.


9. Organization on Wheels: 

Marketed as a coffee table, I find that this piece of more an organizational tool on wheels. Put it at the end of your bed as a great sitting and storage place or roll it into the closet and use it as a shelf! Whatever you ultimately end up using this fun table for, I have no doubts that you’ll love the $49.99 price tag and how convenient it is to move around!


10. An Extra Ledge: 

For just $4.99 a piece, these birch wall railings reinvent the way that we think about storage. Personalized to fit your needs, you can arrange these ledge style shelves into any design that works for you. Lack of cabinet space? Use them for putting your plates on display. Not ready to commit to hanging all your art? Set up your favorites on the ledges and reposition over time! You can definitely use your imagination with this nifty item!


Using pieces from the 2014 Ikea PS Collection in your apartment? Share with us!


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    you are aware the pieces you recommended are not all from the ps 2014 collection right? 2,3,4,7,10 are… the rest, you better check.