Let There Be Light! Ending Your Dark Apartment Blues

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty in love with my apartment. Once a cotton mill that has now been renovated into chic loft apartments, this place boasts of some pretty awesome architecture, unique features, and beautiful factory-sized windows. However, my boyfriend and I are two of the very unfortunate people who don’t live on the side of the apartment that has those sky-high windows. In fact, our apartment has three windows. Three. That’s if you count the frosted, ancient piece of glass that is tucked away in our small, brick reading nook. Otherwise, two fairly normal-sized windows and wall light fixtures are all that we have to give our place a little light. However, since it’s the dead of winter and all our windows are located at the very end of our rectangle-shaped space, light is spotty.

Needless to say, we’ve had to get a bit creative if we want to engage in things like cooking, reading or, you know, seeing. The only benefit to its squinty inhabitants is that the dust piles probably collecting on everything are yet to be seen. Anyway, since I’m sure our lightless misfortune is not unique to us, here’s are few handy ways I’ve found to add light to our dark dungeon. Of course, floor and table lamps would help, but they can quickly clutter up a space and tend to be really expensive. So check out these more affordable ideas!


When there is no possibility of adding light fixtures to your ceiling, which in the case with our ceilings that are 14 feet above us and currently possess no hookups (wall lights abound in this place), do yourself a favor and make swag lamps your friend. If you find yourself wondering what in the world “swag lamps” are, then prepared to be enlightened. Swag lamps are hanging lamps that don’t require a pre-existing light unit because they plug right into the wall socket. They are handy because they come in many different styles, with many different lamp shades, and because they can go anywhere you have a socket handy. The best part? They are inexpensive and don’t do much to bump up your electricity bill.

IKEA Swag lamp

Ikea’s KNAPPA Lamp


Yes, I know we don’t live in the 1900s, but candles are a great source of light not often used these days. They are great for your apartment decor when you aren’t using them, they make the room smell good, they are cheap, and best of all, they don’t use any electricity! When the sun goes down, a candle is a quick and easy (and romantic) fix to your lighting conundrum.


image via hobbylobby.com


Ever noticed how lightbulbs have different shades listed on the package, such as “warm white” and “daylight”? Well, that’s because the color that a lightbulb emits varies dramatically depending on the type bulb you purchase. To make things brighter in my apartment, I switched out all of my yellow hued bulbs with more stark “cool” light emitting bulbs. Seriously, seeing is believing in this case.


image via homedepot.com


If you are lucky enough to be allow to paint the walls of your new place, then another handy trick to improving light quality is painting your walls a brighter, more reflective color. Dark walls will naturally make a room more difficult for seeing. If you can, go with something bright and cheery to help our your lighting issue! The benefits of being able to see are great, but happy walls are even more fun.

via decoist.com

image via decoist.com

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