Decorista Daydreams — 8 Blogs to Inspire Your First Apartment Decor

On green couch with laptopThe road to finding your first apartment can be a rough one. However, when you finally walk into the perfect place that you now call home,  after getting through the hassle of moving, and dealing with a lot of uncertainties, you are ready to jump right into one of the most fun aspects of living on your own — decorating. Your childhood bedroom was a start, your college dorm room was just a tease, but with your very own place you can experience the fun of styling every wall and every room from top to bottom. While some of us apartment dwellers may be naturally gifted decoristas, some first time apartment dwellers may need a little inspiration to get their budding creativity going. To get started myself, I always turned to these eight amazing decorating and style websites to get my imagination going. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll do the same for you. Explore below.

Elle Decor  Why it’s awesome: If you have a limitless budget and endless time to browse every fabulous thrift store and designer shop, then Elle Decor is a complete dreamland of inspiration. For a newbies, the site is better used for hacking expensive ideas and making them into affordable chic items for your apartment. When in the mood to just browse and find perfectly put together rooms, this is your site.

Apartment Therapy Why it’s awesome: Apartment Therapy is a fabulous resource for all first time renters. When you need ideas to get started decorating or ideas for how to revamp you interior, this site is heaven sent. Budget friendly, DIY friendly, and small space friendly, too. The best part is that the blogs are written by real apartment owners and feature real, everyday spaces so what you see is truly what you can get.

Loft I Love Why it’s awesome: If you’re in the mood to just scroll through pages of pretty spaces, then Loft I Love is a go-to decorating site because it only features images — no lengthy, wordy posts, no details, just pretty images. However, the site lacks the majority of content, so take note to do most of your browsing on their facebook page. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Offbeat Home & Life Why it’s awesome: Ever heard of Offbeat Bride? Well, it’s the road less traveled version of bridal inspiration. Offbeat Home & Life is its sister site that focuses on home and lifestyle issues and it’s great because it lacks the pretentious quality that most apartment/home decor sites like to resort to when presenting content. Laid back, realistic, and down to earth all sound like things I want in a good inspiration blog.

Style Me Pretty Living Why it’s awesome: Style Me Pretty is the powerhouse blog that literally started the online bridal blog craze. Now, they’ve expanded and started taking on the equally as fun and festive topic of home decor. This site is fabulous for a first time decorator because it caters to every style possible and does so by proving oodles of eye candy and tips for making your place your own.

Design Sponge Why it’s awesome: This site is a jack or jill of all trades of sorts in that not only does it host excellent design ideas for your apartment, but it will spark many ideas for party planning, DIY, and much more. Basically, if you are looking to harness your inner creative, this blog is calling your name.

SF Girl By Bay Why it’s awesome: From the non-stop images to the easy-going writing style, this blog is all about character; adding character to your home, your life, and being your very own character. I honestly can’t get enough of the bohemian modern style and great finds that SF Girl By Bay gives to its readers.

Decor8 Why it’s awesome: Penned by an ex human resources and project manager turned wonder woman interior stylist, author, and workshop leader, Decor8 brings a fresh perspective in that it it mixes high end inspirational photos with realistic advice about how to actually achieve what you see. As one familiar with decorating sites by the dozen, this “how to actually accomplish this look” tone is a nice change of pace.

These are a just a few of my many favorites, so to get you started on your path to becoming a decorista in your own right, get to browsing, scrolling, and creating with all 8 sites! As always, sharing is welcome, so be sure to post your most-loved sited in the comment section below.

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Audra is a recent college graduate and an aspiring writer based in her home state of Georgia. She’s a lover of the sweetest Southern tea, warm weather, and decorating with lots of color, DIY projects, and shabby chic pieces. Her apartment living journey is still young, so she’s busy navigating the ups and downs and learning along the way. For more from Audra, follow her on Pinterest or check out her website

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  1. Avatar Jewel Mary

    Thank a lot for sharing this blog. This is very informative and accurate. Everyone has a dream to buy luxury apartments in their city. This types of blogs are very helpful for them.

  2. Avatar Crescat

    When you bought your first apartment, you simply don’t know about decorating that. Thank you for the understanding. And also sites looks great, specially the Loft I Love site. Great work Audra. Keep the good things coming.

  3. Avatar Vijay Patel

    Nice information! This is what people are looking out for. So this is a quite useful tip. Without throwing your excess things at home, this info gives us how you can still have or live spaciously in our first apartment Great!

    • MFA Editors MFA Editors

      Thanks Vijay, we try to share practical and useful information based on our bloggers own experiences.

  4. Avatar Bryan Bulger

    Great Share!!

    Thanks for sharing such a great list of apartment decor blogs. I think this may help us to create amazing and different look for our home. :)

  5. Avatar cindyboogle

    Your first apartment is like your first love. Everyone wants to get it right . Like everyone else I also love decorating my house and your cool tips will definitely help me. But I think the first step is to find your dream apartment . To get your dream apartment you can always take help from our free relocation services. I am sure you will love our website

  6. Avatar Apartment management

    Nice suggestions about decoration. It is also important to find a good location for your apartment. For example if you have problems with sleeping you should find some quiet place.

  7. Avatar Brian Den

    Thank you for sharing this awesome list of apartment decor websites. This list of websites should help us to create unique look and feelings for our Apartments and Flats for Sale.

  8. Avatar Mangrove Realty

    Moving into your first place is a big moment, but we all know it can come at a high price.
    The key is knowing the tricks and hacks that will help you save money without skimping on style. That way, you’ll save your money for what’s really important, so initially know your budget and then decide what kind of decor you require.

  9. Avatar Tianna Schwabe

    Thanks Audra to bring all these important blogs in one place. This is really great a idea in regarding blogging and is going to help me enormously. You have touched some nice points here. Keep up the good work.

  10. Avatar Pankaj Gupta

    All the blogs are good but design sponge is awesome. Thanks for this information.

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    This is a great post, well written. Offers valuable advice, and I enjoy reading things like this that help with my decision making and give me a perspective on what my customers look at as well.

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    Thanks for Sharing this information about to own a apartment.It’s really nice and very much interesting.I have also planned for my own apartment.This will give me brief description about apartment decor and will be helpful for my success.

  13. Avatar Silk Flower Arrangements

    These are great tips. Even though I’m way past my first apartment, good tips are always appreciated, and this mix of blogs is just the thing. I’d like to add my 2 cents worth: if you like it, use it. Don’t worry about will this be cool, will this be best, will so-and-so like this? Be yourself, and you will love it.

  14. Avatar Johnson Williams

    Wow!!! Very well informative. I like this valuable concept. I visited your site for the first time as well as just been your fan. Some day before I saw Here is very good emphasis on quality, style and modern technology.

  15. Avatar Serviced Apartments Lady

    Thanks for the awesome recommendations! I’ll be looking at these over my lunch break!

    • Audra Audra

      Hi! I’m glad that you liked the post. I hope your entire lunch break is full of decorating ideas!

  16. Avatar Emily H.

    I’m excited to check all of these sites out! My husband and I are moving into our first rental house in a couple of weeks! Though we’ve been renting an apartment for almost two years, having a house with more rooms and space is gong to be completely new to us. I’m going to need all of the decorating advice I can get! :) Thanks for sharing

  17. Admin Admin

    If you like the Scandinavian/Marimekko look, check out the Pinterest boards of this Finnish site, MoMo Living, short for Modest and Modern Living.