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Group of friends moving into new home smilingAre you clueless about what type of roommate situation is best for you? Well, I am pleased to tell you that this little quiz will help you decide…or at least it’s a fun activity to get you thinking. As you go through the quiz, write down the letter that best describes your behavior.

1.) When it comes to unknown guest, I prefer to…
a. Engage in conversation. I am always open to meeting new people. How else are you supposed to make new friends?
b. Try to make that person feel welcome by providing a listening ear. That person is a guest. Any friend of my roommate’s is a friend of mine.
c. Keep busy with whatever I am doing until that person approaches me. This is my house after all. Why should I change for an outsider?
d. Hide or leave the house until that person is gone.

2.) Life gets busy, and the house gets messy as a result. I usually…
a. Call for a cleaning party. The house will get clean faster with less stress on us. Plus this is great opportunity to break out the speakers for some high-energy music.
b. Have a meeting to talk about when it’s a best time to clean. We can even create a cleaning schedule.
c. Clean up my own mess. We’re all adults. We can do what we want to.
d. Do nothing because my room is always clean, and that’s where I spend most of my time.

3.) On the weekends, I usually…
a. Have fun with friends at house parties, clubs, bars, concerts, and beaches. We only live once and the weekend is my time to release stress and have a good time.
b. Remain open to what everyone else is doing. This attitude has brought me many great experiences that I have never considered before.
c. [Insert passion here.] I met all of friend this way and we always have a blast doing this activity.
d. Enjoy my own company. I love being by myself to work on my special projects like writing, singing, and so on. Sometimes the presence of others interrupts this experience.

4.) If I had a superpower, it would be…
a. The ability to multiply. I could be at many places at once. Think about how much I could achieve in a day. I could really do everything I want. I could even play some jokes on people.
b. The ability to read minds. I would know exactly what the person is thinking and how to deal with them right from the start. This would make having relationships so much easier.
c. The ability to turn objects into diamonds. A diamond collection would give me enough money to do what I really want to do.
d. The ability to fly. When earth doesn’t suite me, then I could go visit the sky as a quick getaway.

5.) In difficult situations with others, I usually…
a. Try to talk it out and come to an agreement. If that person doesn’t want to agree, then I usually gossip about them and drag others in the situation to get a second option.
b. Listen carefully to the other person’s perspective and accommodate to their feelings. After all, I hate confrontation.
c. Am never in those situations. I tend to get along with everyone since the people I surround myself with are similar to me. I hate drama, so I would stop talking to the person who is creating drama. Who needs them anyway?
d. Avoid the situation at all cost.

6.) My interior decorating style is usually…
a. Lots of photos of me, my family, my friends, my favorite places, and my favorite celebrities. The colors have to be vibrant like reds, yellows, and oranges.
b. To figure out what most people like and chip in money to buy furniture and supplies with the most votes. Since we are living together, we should all like what we see when we come home.
c. To search Craisglist and resale shops for good deals. Less is more. There should be a lot of open space for multiple activities, for example, for working out in the living room or browsing the internet at the kitchen table.
d. Don’t care as long as I have my bed, my TV, my computer, my internet service, and a functional bathroom.

7.) When I go grocery shopping, I usually…
a. Go with friends and buy a lot of snacks, drinks, and instant cooking products. We eat out most of the time, so just the basics are good enough. Buying in bulk is best.
b. Pitch in money to buy common items like water, bread, and fruits. I will buy my own specialty items.
c. Sponge off others. Why buy a whole new pack of bread when my roommate’s bread usually goes bad before he/she finishes it. I am really doing everyone a favor.
d. Buy only what I need. I usually purchase restaurant food to go and eat it in my room.

Congratulations! You made it to the finish line. Now add up all of your A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s and see which letter has most points. That is your type.
A = The Socialite. It’s pretty obvious that you love talking and going out in town. You will do well living in a popular nightlife area in the city where your favorite hot spots are in walking distance. Your roommates must be full of energy too since you can’t stand boredom. They must be your hang-out buddies. Just remember to respect others’ space.
B = The Mediator. You are very caring and a desirable companion. Due to your compromising nature, you are able to mold yourself and fit into any situation. Since you prefer harmony with others, a close environment with a few good people is a better choice. Of course, you still enjoy having fun, so you should be a driving distant of popular destinations. Being open minded is a great attribute, but don’t let other take advantage of you. Balance is key.
C = The Soul Hunter. You are driven by your own passion and drive. You love to socialize when it’s dealing with your interest. Living close to what you love is important and you must live with others that understand your motivations. You should work on not being so self-centered, though.
D = The Monk. You need to really think if you want to live with others. If you must have roommates you should only have one or two. The people you share a space with must be busy all the time, keep to themselves, or share the exact same interests. All other roommate types will disrupt your lifestyle. But remember, breaking out of habits will create new experiences, which is what the true nature of living with roommates is all about.

I know what you’re thinking. What if I have the same number of answers in more than one letter category? Well, this is wonderful news. This means you’re well-rounded and you will be compatible with various shared living arrangements. I know what else you are thinking. I don’t agree with my type, so now what? This is great news, too, create your own type. But you must admit that these questions got you thinking about yourself and how you interact with others.  I’d love to hear in the comments below if you found your type.

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