Complete Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Complete Apartment Cleaning Checklist
by Chloe Mydlowski

ChloeClean-windowsillsI view cleaning my apartment as a positive chore because it helps bring the space to an equilibrium of functionality and effectiveness. It is a simple task, and with a little organization, it can be done in a repeating manner that will never take up too much time, or get too out of hand.

Here is my checklist for all the indoor cleaning tasks that need to be done periodically. (Look for my next article on natural cleaning techniques and products, DIY solution recipes, and a list of all the tools you will need to give your home a professional-grade cleaning.)

The key cleaning rule to follow is “left to right, top to bottom.” Be sure to address every nook and cranny of your home.


– Dust every surface. Remove all items and get under everything; don’t forget baseboards and window sills.
–  Sweep, mop, and/or vacuum all floors and under all furniture.


– Throw out garbage (especially important if you have a pest problem).
– Wash all dishes and clean out sink.
– Clean counters with water and soap or cleaner.
– Wipe spills off the floor.
– Wipe spills off the stove and inside microwave.
– Stove: Take out all removable parts and wipe all surfaces with cleaner or vinegar solution.ChloeSeperate-stove-piecesChloeClean-every-part-of-stove
– Microwave: Wipe inside completely and wash the inner dish. If there is extra tough residue, soften it by microwaving a bowl of water with a little white vinegar on high for 2 to 3 minutes.
– Refrigerator: Throw away everything that is expired or spoiled.
– Dishwasher: Clean trap of food residue.
– Oven: Take out all racks. Remove all crumbs and food particles. Wet all tough residue with cleaner. Scrub with brush. Wash racks.
–  Refrigerator: Remove all the contents and stack on a nearby surface. Throw away anything that is expired or has not been used in a while. Wipe all the containers that have a residue on the outside. Wash and dry all the shelves and drawers and put them back inside. Put your food back in. Wipe the outside of the fridge.
Once or twice a year
– Cabinets and Drawers: Throw away expired and old items. Wipe down inside and outside.
– Dishwasher: Wipe out all residue, including anything on door seals. If you are having dishwasher issues, run a whole cycle or two with white vinegar or rust/lime remover. (Check manufacturer’s instructions first.)
– Coffee Machine: Run a cycle with a little white vinegar and water. Then run a cycle of just water. When cool, clean heating plate.

– Wipe sink.
–  Clean hair out of drains.
–  First, put cleaner into the toilet bowl to sit and soak. Be sure to get it into the cracks along the rim of the bowl. Spray other excessively dirty areas to soak. Scrub the bowl, wipe down the seat, tank, and base. Be sure to get all the dust behind the base.
– Clear off all counters and surfaces – you can stack all your items in a nearby space or rotate them from area to area as you clean.
– Spray the mirror with glass cleaner or vinegar water. Wipe away in a circular motion until all the streaks are gone.
– Clean every surface, including the corners and small spaces where dust collects.
– Scrub the tub.
– Clean the floor.
Once or twice a year
– Clean out medicine cabinet.
– Throw out old cosmetics and other product.

– Tidy items and find a space for them all to “live”. Remove all food and trash.
– Wash and change your linens.
– Clean the floor. Move your bed and furniture to get every space.
– Wash your pillow.
– Wash blankets and comforters.

– Vacuum: Check bag and change if needed. Wipe outside of vacuum.
– Broom and Brushes: Wash, and air dry.
– Trash Can, Dust Pan, and Buckets: Wash and soak in soapy, vinegar water if needed. Scrub with baking soda if needed.

Twice a year
ChloeClean-glass– Wash windows.
– Take window screens outside, or into the shower, and wash them.
– Wash any fans. Be sure to get both sides of the blades and in any crevices. Use a damp pillowcase to clean fan blades to reduce the amount of airborne dust.
Note: Check local laws related to washing outside of windows in city highrise buildings. It may not be allowed.

Our guest blogger is Chloe Mydlowski who loves exploring our entire, lovely planet. She has lived in homes large and small, but is currently enjoying her first suite apartment. She spends her time writing, painting, designing, studying language and science, enjoying music, and searching for fossils. Her personal portfolio can be found at and her portal for travel musings and photographs can be found at

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    Thank you for sharing this list! Spring cleaning is a very tiresome job for a lot of people. Little tips from here and there can be of great help. Do one part of the house at a time. This can help doing the job efficiently and can take some time to rest in between cleaning each area. Try to get help from the family as it can be fun and less tiresome when the family does the job togethe

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    Great post! A great way to welcome the new season is by spring cleaning. Start anew and refreshed with a clean apartment! The warmer weather will have us spending as much time outside as possible; therefore quick cleaning solutions are always welcomed. Here are some tips to get you on your way! Manor House Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

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