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Whenever I’m in dire need of inspiration for a creative project I’m about to take on, I always turn to the one source that never lets me down: music. Decorating my new place is no exception to this rule, so I’ve compiled a list of essential songs to listen to while adding the perfect touches to a new apartment:

“Red” – Taylor Swift

The country-pop star may not be the best at navigating romantic relationships, but you can probably take her advice when it comes to decorating. There’s a reason Swift chose this bold color as the title for her latest album. Red is vibrant and can spice up any room. My landlord won’t let me paint the stark-white walls in my apartment, so I’m relying on the furniture and accents to brighten up the place. I just ordered this beautiful red futon for $159.99 (which conveniently converts into a bed for any sleepover guests I have in the future!)

“Express Yourself” – Labrinth

Isn’t expressing yourself what getting your first apartment is all about? You’ll want your place of residence to reflect your personality, so make sure to add all the little details that make up who you are. I’m filling my apartment with photos of my family and friends (and maybe some movie tickets and notes I’ve saved as keepsakes.) How cute is this frame for photos and postcards?

“I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” – Britney Spears

I’m in my early twenties and just graduated college, so I’m currently in that weird in-between stage when I’m no longer a kid but I’m not yet ready to be completely grown up. And my décor really needs to reflect that. So I picked out bedding that has a mature pattern but also has fun teal accents. Mission = accomplished.

“It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” – Alan Jackson

If you’re looking to entertain guests or even to just unwind after a long day’s work, then you definitely need a stylish mini-bar to hold your treasure trove of spirits. I like this little portable one from Bed Bath & Beyond.

“Thrift Shop” – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Macklemore hit the nail on the head when he sang about the fine art of “thrifting.” Seriously, moving into a new apartment can get expensive. You can get some great pieces – think bookcases and dining sets and chairs – for super cheap prices at places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army. And if you don’t like the color or the finish of the furniture, you can find easy DIY ideas on refinish or reupholstering all over Pinterest.

“Home” – Phillip Phillips

This one’s self-explanatory. The goal of decorating your apartment is to “make this place your home.” My definition of “home” is a place where you feel absolutely comfortable. And nothing says comfort like pillows! Check out my Pinterest board of throw pillows I’m in love with. Aren’t pretty pillows just the icing on the cake that is your beautiful new apartment?


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