Apartment Hunter’s Checklist

Searching for an apartment is exhausting. There’s no question about that. By the time you’re actually looking at an apartment, you’re often already tired of the process. And, yet, this is the time when you most need to pay attention!

Apartment hunter

Somehow, though, that’s not always what happens. Perhaps the property manager is rushing you through the viewing, or you’re looking at your fifth apartment of the afternoon, but we’ve all had it happen: five minutes after a viewing, you realize you barely remember anything about the place. Did it have a dishwasher? How big was the living room, again? And the intercom system worked, right? Or did it even have an intercom? You can’t remember… 

Before a viewing, remember that when you’re looking at a place, you’re doing it for you. Take your time. Ask questions. To help, we’ve developed an Apartment Hunter’s Checklist. If you fill it out when you’re in the apartment, you’re sure to really consider (and remember!) what you’re looking at.  You might also snap a photo with your phone, to make it even easier to remember. Try it out!

(Download it as a PDF Here: MyFirstApartment Hunters Checklist)

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Comments (4)

  1. Avatar shun

    I’m hoping to move by summer as well. I will have about 15k in savings. Do u think thats enough to start the process

    • Alex Alex

      Hi Shun,

      Yes, in almost any situation, $15k is plenty of money to have saved before you start your search — in fact, it’s so much money that you’ll still have a good portion of it after you secure a place. Oh, and congrats on being such a great saver!

  2. Avatar gigi

    this is awesome! hoping to move over the summer and I’m glad i stumbled upon this gem!