It’s Here! The Best of the 2014 IKEA Catalog!

The shopping catalog that you long for like presents on Christmas morning has finally arrived! The IKEA 2014 product catalog has finally hit the internet and the doorsteps of many across the globe and if you are decorating your apartment, this is something to squeal about with merry glee. Trust me. It’s no secret among first time apartment decorators that IKEA is a top-notch place to shop for your new place, especially when you want trendy items without breaking the bank. However, the big question on everyone’s mind for this new catalog edition is whether or not it lives up to its reputation for suppling great apartment picks. Well, you sit back, relax, and take a big sigh of relief because it has lived up to its legacy once again. Go ahead, take a gander at the new issue linked above and get your shopping list ready! But before you put pen to paper, check out my top six picks from this new collection for great apartment style.

1. FABRIKÖR Glass-door cabinet, dark gray, $179 (also available in white and green)

fabrikor-glass-door-cabinet__0177051_PE329681_S4Although a bit pricy for a small budget, this item is an exceptional pick for apartment living. It’s small and compact, cute, and functional all at once, which sounds like an unbeatable combination to me. This item from the new catalog is one of my top picks because it can be used in any room and for a variety of things, such as a storage space or for displaying your favorite décor pieces.

2. IKEA PS LÖVÅS, Sofa bed, Gräsbo white, $349 (available in a variety of fabrics and colors)

ikea-ps-lovas-sofa-bed__0108342_PE258088_S4This sofa bed is perfect for loft style living or small spaces! Up right by day as a funky couch and down at night for a soft sleeper, this piece is a great idea for IKEA. And trust me, if you’ve seen the looks of some sofa beds, then you know how rare it is to find one that is stylish as well as comfortable. Also, though the price tag may seem high at first glance, it is really a great buy when you consider that it alleviates the need to purchase both a bed and a sofa for your apartment.

3. RÖNNSKÄR, Sink shelf, black, $19.99

ronnskar-sink-shelf__53519_PE156896_S4If you’ve ever lived in an apartment that doesn’t have a counter to go along with the sink, then you know true frustration and trust me I feel your pain. With that said, this under the sink shelf is a apartment living life saver. Great for storage, great price, and great look! You definitely can’t go wrong with this item if you are looking for the nice addition of some under the sink storage.

4. JONOSFÄR, Pendant lamp, pink, $14.99 (also available in black, red, and green)

jonosfar-pendant-lamp__0170113_PE324111_S4Lamps are often really expensive, especially when you are looking for something that is trendy and fun. This pendant lamp is stylish, super affordable, and comes in a variety of colors. This item is great for apartment living because is adds a nice pop of color to any room. Personally, I’m loving the pink!

5. KOTTEBO, Basket, coconut palm leaf, $16.99

kottebo-basket__64062_PE172516_S4I simply adore this storage basket. Not only is it made almost entirely of recycled material, it’s a really unique piece for storage. Buy a few a you’ve got a quick, easy, and stylish way to store a variety of things. As you know, storage is key when it comes to small apartment living.

6. LINNMON/ LALLE, Table, black-brown, black, $85.99 (also available in grey)

linnmon-lalle-table__0184570_PE336261_S4I love this table for its chic style and endless potential. Use as a desk, a dining room table or both! The fun style of this piece allows you to use it in multiple ways without it being glaringly office that you are using a desk as a dining table or vice versa! This item is truly a versatile piece.

Now that you’ve seen my top six picks, grab a pen and paper and start creating you own list. Oh, and don’t forget to share!

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