5 Housewarming Gifts They’ll Actually Like

Fellow blogger, Christa, recently gave you guys some excellent tips on how to plan the perfect housewarming. Reading her post got me thinking. Just like with birthday parties and weddings, being invited to a housewarming party often requires a gift purchase of some sort (if you feel so inclined, of course). But what do the newly moved-ins really want? Like most present purchases, choosing a great gift can often be challenging. So instead of pacing the aisles of your local Target while wondering if Sally would or would not appreciate a gold squirrel statue, check out my suggestions. As a new apartment renter, I would be skipping with joy to receive any one of these 5 gifts!

1) Awesome Picnic Basket

picnic basketvia wayfair.com; $54

Although this choice might first strike you as odd, let me explain. Yes, a picnic basket has nothing to do with moving into a new home, but it is a great gift that can be used for years to come. Include directions to a local park along with this gift and you’ve created a fun way for them to get away from moving stress and to see their new surroundings! Plus, who doesn’t love a good picnic?

2) Super Useful Take Out Menu Organizer

take out menu organizervia givesimple.com; $20

After making a big move, the last thing someone wants to do is cook. So chances are, takeout nights will happens pretty often those first few weeks. This takeout menu organizer is a great gift for a housewarming because it’s super useful and fun. Pick up a few takeout menus from restaurants in the area to get them started with their collection. Trust me, this gift comes in handy over and over again!

3) The Old Reliable Gift Card

gift cards

Sure, gift cards aren’t that exciting when it comes to gift giving, but they are better than diamonds for the newly moved in. With each move comes a new list of things to buy, so help make the move easier by relieving some of the cost. With a gift card, go generic with Visa so they can use it anywhere.

4) Go Green!

cleaning products gift basketvia overstock.com; $57.99

Cleaning is one of the more cruel sides of moving to a new place. Not only do you have to pack, move, and then unpack boxes, you usually have to do some major cleaning. And let’s face it, the last thing someone wants to spend money on is cleaning products. So you definitely can’t go wrong with a green cleaning products gift basket that you can easily pull together with products from your local supermarket or order already assembled. It’s useful gift and will be very appreciated when the time comes. (Another household DIY gift idea is to fill a basket with some basic tools.)

5) Easy Recipes

cook book via cdsbooksdvds.com; $22

Apartment dwellers usually live alone or with a roommate, which often leads to challenges when it comes to planning healthy, correctly proportioned meals. So why not give the gift of answers? Purchase a cookbook that fits the situation of the mover and they’ll be thanking you with every good home-cooked meal.

Well, there you have it. These are my top five housewarming gift ideas, but there are certainly more great ideas out there. Help future housewarming gift givers and share you own suggestions below!

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