The Roommate Market: There’s A Wide Variety of Shared Living Options

Are you new in town? Do you need to move, but want to split the rent bill? Did you just get married? Guess what? The roommate market is in high demand and there’s a wide range of shared living options as a result. Here’s a snapshot of what you may find.

The Traditional Shared Apartment

It’s a nationwide fact: you get much more square footage for your buck in a two bedroom than a one bedroom.  For this reason, getting a roommate is a great way to be independent, save money, and share life’s experiences with someone all at the same time. Each individual gets his or her own room and maybe even separate bathrooms. You only compromise with the kitchen, living room, and patio areas. The catch is the lease.

Most landlords expect a year’s commitment from tenants. If you have to move or just despise the person you live with, there will be a struggle. Sometimes you are able to pay a flat fee to break your lease in exchange for finding a replacement, but in most cases you are stuck in the contract. If you go this route, make sure you are able to live in the apartment for a year and you get along with the person you are sharing your living quarters with.

The Open-Share House

Group Of Young Friends Preparing Breakfast In Modern KitchenThere are many business-minded people who understand the profit in renting. These people buy homes and rent them out to families or various tenants who become roommates. The great advantage to this option is the fact that there is leniency. Home owning landlords usually have short-term leases, and their fees are more affordable. They also care about their property. When you have an issue with the house, like the toilet flooding, the owners tend to fix the problem in a timely manner. Of course, there a few things you must consider.

You do not have control. The owners may kick you out without notice. For example, if the house is under foreclosure or the owners find higher paying tenants, you will be asked to move. Besides I don’t know how you all feel, but I never liked the idea of paying someone else’s mortgage while they are residing in Nevada getting rich. If you choose this option, keep these facts in mind and this will become a worthwhile experience. Oh yes! Make sure you really like the home’s owners first, which can eliminate future problems.

The Family House Room

Sabrina room rentalSometimes families or couples want to make a few extra bucks, so they open up there house for tenants to join their family. This is a great option for community minded people. This is also the cheapest option when it comes to paying rent and utilities. As an added bonus, the owners may be very sympathetic. If they like you and you need to pay the rent next week or you need the fees to be reduced, then they will work with you. The key phrase is, “if they like you.”

In a family home, you must conform to the family or couple’s living style. There are no exceptions! If the housemates go to sleep at 10pm, that means no loud music after this time. You must ask permission to invite people over. This can feel similar to being in high school again since your actions are monitored. Going back to what I said, if the owners like you then you will not have a problem.
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