Giveaway: Win New Duvet Set From Crane & Canopy

WE HAVE A WINNER!  Our randomly selected winner of a Crane and Canopy duvet of her choice is Becky who added a burst of color to her bedroom with new gorgeous, super affordable curtains from Century 21.  Congratulations Becky, we’ll email you with the directions to claim your prize. Thanks to all who shared their bedroom remake tips. We’ll recap our favorites in an upcoming post.

As you may have read, Alex and I recently moved into a new place and have been trying to tackle design on a budget. We also know how new bedding can totally reinvent a bedroom. Visiting stores like West Elm and Crate and Barrel can be fun, but often their goods are mad money and feel cheaply made. Which, since most items originate in China, they probably are.

One item that I was particularly interested in, was West Elm’s White Pintuck Cotton Duvet set. However, paying $119 for a duvet that was only a 230-thread count seemed pretty crazy. As a reminder,  a higher count means softer sheets.  I  typically want sheets with at least a 300 thread-count. You could argue that a duvet cover doesn’t need to be as good quality because you don’t touch it directly to your skin, but I strongly felt that for that type of $$, it should be. So, I resigned myself to keep looking around, reminding myself that duvets should last for years.

vistabeige_bigimage0_mediumThankfully, I then found Crane & Canopy. Crane & Canopy is furthering the trend of US online businesses that cut out the retailer to save money for the end consumer. It was founded with the idea of working with high-end manufacturers to produce designer quality bedding with high-quality fabrics at NOT so designer prices.

Oh – and in addition to their goods being made well — they are all super adorbs.  Their signature line was designed to  look like a perfectly made bed. How? They include a two-toned cover so the bed looks perfectly made all the time, even if it’s not. For those of us sleep hogs, who often don’t have time in the morning to make our beds, this seems like a no-brainer. Yet, I haven’t seen any other duvets that offer the same option.

In addition to their signature designs, they also offer everything from textures to embroideries  prints and solids.  Lucky for me, they even had a white pintuck duvet that retails for $119**. Plus, while their duvet retails for the same price as West Elm, it  boasts a 400-thread count. Plus, it’s  machine washable!

Duvet CoverWell, I received the duvet in the mail last week as well their comforter and couldn’t be happier. The duvet looks chic and feels super comfy — and has added such tranquility to our new bedroom. Two thumbs up from My First Apartment, Crane & Canopy! (check out the pic to the right)

Now, the FUN part! You can win your own brand new duvet from Crane & Canopy!

TELL US below in comments one way you have reinvented your bedroom and we’ll randomly pick a lucky winner who will get to choose their favorite duvet from Crane & Canopy. Comment by February 15 and follow Crane & Canopy’s newsletter for a chance to win.

**Disclosure: After contacting Crane & Canopy, they offered to supply MyFirstApartment with a free duvet product. This did not effect our recommendation of the product. Alissa paid for her new comforter.

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Comments (24)

  1. Avatar Margot C

    My bedroom has been reinvented as a place of reading and romance only. There is no TV in there now and all electronics (including phones!) are if not banned then discreetly placed with their charging cords on the side tables’ lower tiers. Reading is encouraged by two stylish (and efficient) reading lamps and even eating in bed is allowed (madeleines, not crackers).

  2. Avatar Kristina

    I’m having my childhood Twin canopy bed, made by my grandfather, converted into a Queen for my first apartment that I’ll be moving into in April/May. Buying new bedding will be pricey and a free duvet would be amazing! I currently just have a room and can’t wait to have my own space and give it a more “grown-up” feel.

  3. Avatar Becky

    Even though I had blackout blinds on my windows, I got some gorgeous curtains to hang on the window to add a burst of color. Got them at Century 21 so they were super affordable and it really gave the room a more finished feel without a major overhaul.

    Would love the duvet though, as I’m trying to spice things up again after having the same color scheme in my bedroom for 7 years!

  4. Avatar Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

    Hi Allisa. This is such a great giveaway and couldn’t be timed better for me. It would be so great to win a new duvet set!!! Now I just have to cross my fingers. lol. I just painted my bedroom a very pale blue and trimmed it out in white. I still need the white ceiling paint. I know I should’ve done that first. I’m going for a coastal cottage look with just a touch of coral to add some pop.

    I’m now a new follower of your blog and hope you’ll stop by and visit mine too. I’ve also signed up Crane & Canopy’s newsletter.

    Thanks for hosting and letting me enter.
    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  5. Avatar Vanessa

    I made a scale model of my room and furniture. After evaluating many variations, I rearranged the furniture and it gave my room a refreshing feel.

  6. Avatar Mary

    I put maps in the back of my bookshelves because there isn’t wallspace. (I live in the attic)

  7. Avatar erica

    I once reinvented by bedroom by switching my furniture with my roommates. we both wanted a change, so it worked out well!

  8. Avatar Rebecca

    The rules in my dorm tend to be on the stricter side: no nails, no tacks in the walls, few lighting options, etc.
    To escape the drab, plain, white walls, I took a large white sheet and tie-dyed it. I hung it to the wall using a corkboard-esque strip near the ceiling, which was attached to the wall with a safe adhesive, and thumb-tacked my newly tie-dyed tapestry to that! To add more decorative lighting, I draped multi-colored christmas lights atop my window, and they’ve definitely helped bring some color into the room.

  9. Avatar Tanya

    I’m a lover of all fashion things related I wanted to decorate my with a Downton Abbey like aesthetic (on a budget). I scored some old large prints in sepia from an attic sale at the local history museum for my walls. They are pics of Victorian style architecture in downtown San Diego and the former Marston’s department store. They add a touch of local fashion history to my room (I love San Diego) and all the pieces were purchased for $15! (take that IKEA!)

  10. Avatar Thomas

    I didn’t have much on my wall so I decided to be artistic. I bought a bunch of perler beads and went to town. I know have four very large pieces of perler art on my walls. Alice from Alice in wonderland, two versions of Samus Aran from the Metroid video game series, and a dragon named Flammie from my all time favorite video game, Secret of Mana.

  11. Avatar Ginger G.

    I made it more grown up by using white, navy, gray and pink. It looks clean and relaxing!

  12. Avatar Diana

    I hung up a string and some clothes pins and used my postcard collection to create a travel wall. It’s personal because they are places I’ve been too and they are colorful to look at. They also inspire me to travel more so I can pick up more cards for my wall!

  13. Avatar Holly B

    After a couple years at our apartment (I don’t know why I waited so long!), I’ve finally hung artwork on the walls of our bedroom. It feels so much more homey!

  14. Avatar Amy

    Ah! That duvet looks beautiful!

    As for reinventing my bedroom in my apartment, the biggest difference was painting one of my walls with chalkboard paint and letting all my artistic friends step in.

  15. Avatar Sean

    Paint, paint, paint. Paint is cheap and easily done by a novice do-it-yourselfer. Don’t forget the base board and door trim.

  16. Avatar Katherine

    I’m a weaver and art teacher. I love displaying my tapestries. I have a collage of different weavings and some students artwork on my wall. It makes me happy to see both my interests and careers displayed for me and guests to my room enjoy!

  17. Avatar Erin

    Very cool! I’m leaving college soon and about to start the hunt for my first apartment, and one thing I’m especially excited about is decorating a more grown up bedroom.

    One thing I’ve done recently to spruce up my current bedroom is to really declutter and throw away all of the small useless junk you seem to accumulate so easily in college. It has made a shocking amount of difference.

  18. Avatar Chrissy

    Awesome giveaway! Well one thing i have done in my bedroom to jazz it up is hang a large piece of fabric as my headboard. It has purple and pinks in it and is sort of a paisley print.