Cheap and Easy Bedroom Fixes: The Crane and Canopy Giveaway Results

As our readers know by now, February is Design Month at My First Apartment. To help celebrate, we featured a giveaway from the bedding company Crane and Canopy. This online retailer, which has very high-quality products, keeps its prices down by shipping directly to consumers rather than selling through brick-and-mortar stores.

BordersCoral_bigimage0_mediumAs a way of testing out the product, Alissa and I remade our bedroom using a Crane and Canopy comforter and duvet cover.** I have to say I’m very pleased with the results – not only is the product stylish, but Crane and Canopy has this ingenious way to attach their comforter (from the inside) to the corners of their duvet cover, so that the comforter and the cover stay together – “bunchy comforter” is now a problem of the past!

Now, onto the contest entries! As a reminder, our readers were asked to write us about their favorite bedroom make-over to enter… and our randomly chosen a winner will receive a Crane and Canopy duvet cover of their choice. We congratulate our lucky winner Becky!!

We loved all the great tips our readers shared and here are some of our favorite fixes that are easy to do and cost little or nothing: (You can see all the tips in the comments to the original giveaway post.)

Margot C. decided she’d ban all electronics from the bedroom – no television, no computers, and no smart phones! She also added two reading lamps and now her bedroom is where she relaxes and takes in a novel. Who says literature is dead??

Many readers used paint to change their bedroom.  Tracy painted her bedroom pale blue with white trim, while Amy decided to paint one of her walls with chalkboard paint and let her artistic friends step in.  Ginger picked a grown-up color scheme of white, navy, grey and pink and loves the clean and relaxing look. And Sean reminded all the painters not to forget the base boards and door trim.

Another popular fix was to hang up artwork or new curtains.  Thomas used perler beads to make four large pieces for his walls, including a dragon named Flammie from his favorite video game.  Our lucky winner, Becky, went to Century 21 and picked up a pair of curtains that added a burst of color to her bedroom.

Tanya went for a “Downton Abbey” aesthetic on budget, picking up a bunch of sepia-toned Victorian prints for $15 at a local history museum sale.  Diana hung up her postcards to make a “travel wall,” and Rebecca, who lives in a dorm that won’t allow any nails in the walls got creative with fabric:

“To escape the drab, plain, white walls, I took a large white sheet and tie-dyed it. I hung it to the wall using a corkboard-esque strip near the ceiling, which was attached to the wall with a safe adhesive, and thumb-tacked my newly tie-dyed tapestry to that! To add more decorative lighting, I draped multi-colored christmas lights atop my window, and they’ve definitely helped bring some color into the room.”

Our reader Vanessa really took a draftsman-like approach: she made a scale-model of her bedroom and rearranged the furniture (on the model) until it looked right, and then did it in real life.

MaryBeth 1 made a reading nook to her bedroom by re-purposing an old dining room hutch and a chair.

Erica’s idea, though, takes the cake for inventiveness. She writes: “I once reinvented my bedroom by switching my furniture with my roommate. We both wanted a change, so it worked out well!” It might be unorthodox, but it worked!

Thanks to all our readers for entering – and if you didn’t get in on this action, check back regularly for more giveaways.

**Disclosure: After contacting Crane & Canopy, they offered to supply My First Apartment with a free duvet product. This did not affect our recommendation of the product. Also, Alissa and Alex paid for their new Crane and Canopy comforter.


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Comments (4)

  1. Avatar Margot C

    Woot Becky! What a nice prize.

    May I say that I am tickled, and as Thomas said honored to be mentioned in your post. Try it just for a month – ban the electronics from the bedroom – and either your love-life will go off the charts or you will finish ‘War and Peace’; or both (guaranteed).

  2. Avatar Thomas

    Congratulations Becky! And I feel honored being mentioned in one of your articles. Thank you very much!