Alexandra’s AirBnB Experiences in Manhattan

AlexHsuitcaseOur newest blogger, Aussie Chick Alexandra has landed in Manhattan with her two tightly packed suitcases and reports on her actual AirBnB experiences. (She had narrowly escaped getting scammed early on.)

Using AirBnB in Manhattan – This time was different!

Each time in the past that I have used AirBnb as an accommodation tool, I have leased people’s entire apartments… Many of which they don’t actually live in themselves – property investors who saw the incredible financial opportunity in leasing their spaces in desired locations to travelers.

My first week was not what I had expected. My booking had been for the third bedroom in a 3br/1bath spacious loft. When I arrived, I found myself in the adjacent 2br/1bath loft, which was much, much smaller and, in fact, didn’t even belong to the “landlord” I had made arrangements with. The landlord had taken it upon himself to re-rent his entire 3br loft to a party who had contacted him after my booking had been completed, and throw me in his willing neighbor’s apartment next door. This whole situation really didn’t bother me all that much, as the girl who occupied the second bedroom in my now-loft left for vacation the day after I arrived. Great, I thought. I’ve got this place to myself! Then it turned out the landlord was sleeping on the couch, which was the only seating around the television, the kitchen and right next to the bathroom. Hardly ideal. Luckily, we built a good friendship so what could have been an incredibly uncomfortable situation was made to be fun and light-hearted, with many nights out drinking wine and dancing together.

Moving from one Soho loft to another on a Tuesday morning raised one huge concern: who can help me with my bags? No one, it seemed. And lugging my two 30kg+ monstrosities down three flights of stairs and then back up four flights of stairs a block away proved the biggest battle of all.

After a small communication breakdown regarding entry to my next loft, I opened the door to a huge apartment. Imagine your version of huge, then double it. To get this type of space in Soho, NYC (and the fact four guys under 26 years old lived here) was near impossible. It was clearly a “bachelor pad” with it being clean and tidy but no female touches, and a real halfway-house feel about it. I liked that though. Particularly after how “cozy” the last week had been.

My time here was very cruisy. The guys didn’t ask where I had been or check up on me – they have let me do my own thing, knowing I had a vague idea of New York and what it had to offer. My room was spacious and comfortable, the heating and facilities were good… The bathroom a little under-the-weather, but I figured that is to be expected living with four boys and two of their girlfriends.

It is, however, whilst staying there that I realized it was time to find my own space. Somewhere I could put my own touches on and be able to decorate with classic New York gems I find during my days and at flea markets on the weekends.

And so, finally, the hunt for my first Manhattan apartment began… (To be continued)

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Alexandra is a self-confessed homemaker with light OCD tendencies - always likes to have her home ready for that next unexpected guest. From fresh blooming flowers to perfectly positioned throw cushions, Alexandra finds joy in creating a divine space for endless entertaining and memories. But what Alexandra has found in her quest for stunning apartments and perfect, respectful housemates to go with them is that we each have very differing opinions of clean and beautiful. That's all part of the process though, she says - from dealing with precious yet pushy brokers, to bills, housemate's boyfriend who never seems to leave, and whose turn it is to buy toilet roll!

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