6 Common Roommate Personality Types – Which One is Yours?


Personality type plays a heavy role when searching for the perfect roommate. This means understanding your own personality and understanding what type of personality you are compatible with. Here are some of the stand-out personality types I have met during my roommate adventures.  (As for my own personality, I’m probably closest to the Artsy category.) I’ve assigned a compatibility % based on how successful the match has been for me. Who knows, you may even find yourself in one of these categories.


Artsy types are very dynamic because they live in a realm between fantasy and reality. If you open your mind to the possibilities, they can show you a world that is much more interesting than your own. Whether they are painters, writers, or musicians, they will teach you to stop and recognize the beauty around you. They will unleash your inner creativity. However, they can be high maintenance especially when they are working on one of their many projects.

My compatibility with L’Artistes is about 75%. They are so darn interesting, but you must be open minded. Otherwise, you will catch the heat of their wrath.

Lone Wolves

Lone Wolf- types value their privacy. They usually entertain themselves by expanding their intellect through research and inventions. When spoken too, they supply very short answers since their heads are filled with future endeavors. Sometimes they’ll be so quiet that you’ll forget they are there. This can be a perk for some, but this can be frustrating for those who prefer more interaction. After all, if these types need so much time to themselves, then they probably should get their own place.

My compatibility rate is 30%. Lone Wolf types keep the house nice and quiet, but this defeats the purpose of sharing a space. To me, roommates are an opportunity get to know a variety of people.

Party Animals

Some people LIVE to party. The smart Party Animals work hard all week and use their days off to let loose and welcome the high of loud music, drinks, food, and crazy dances. These parties come in creative varieties from house get-togethers to club hoping to cultural festivals. Party Animals will find any excuse to celebrate life and ignore all expectations that confine them during the week. This can be a problem if you don’t care for this lifestyle.

My compatibility rate is 50%. You must have the “When in Rome…” personality when living with Party Animals. If you don’t, this set-up will NOT work.

People Lovers

Thank god there are people like this in our overly demanding world. People Lovers are very communal with bubbly personalities. They are people who view human interaction as an opportunity to learn, grow, and just have fun, which makes them flexible when dealing with different personalities. Don’t get me wrong when I say “flexible” though. They are not pushovers, but they will naturally include everyone.  They will jump at any opportunity to enjoy life and will entertain everyone with engaging conversation.

My compatibility rate is 99%. People Lovers usually get along with everyone. Be happy if they are your roommates because you will definitely appreciate your living situation.

Romantic Experimenters

I will admit it. I am very biased against Romantic types since I’ve received the most problems from them. These are the people who are addicted to their illusions of love. They have to be in a relationship. They claim to know everything about love, yet they have never been successful at it. When hopping from one relationship to another, they will happily be your matchmaker to feel some sort of self-worth. Of course, there are respectable couples out there, but it is still awkward when you sign up for a house with three girls and all of a sudden a guy is thrown in the package. This may cause tension.

My compatibility rate is 10%. Romantic Experimenters  get along best with others with the same mentality. Everyone else should move on.

Veggie Gurus

Vegetarians, Vegans, and Raw Foodies can open your eyes to the possibilities of healthy alternatives in your daily diet. These types usually prepare their own meals, and they buy a variety of interesting ingredients from stores like Trader Joes, Sprouts, Farmer’s Markets, and Whole Foods. But watch out. There are some who use this lifestyle to feel superior, and they have a tendency to preach on the benefit of their decisions and criticize your dietary choices.

My compatibility rate is 70%. Veggie Gurus are very peaceful and easy-going, but some can be annoying if they pull out that judgment card.

I know what you are thinking. We are multi-dimensional. We all have many different sides. This is true, but most of us advertise one main aspect of ourselves at a time. Above reflects the main aspects of the personality types I have come across. My rating is based on how I interacted with each of them. I am curious to hear your perspective, so please  share your personality encounters in comments below.

Our guest blogger Sabrina Pettis has had over 20 roommates in the past seven years, in college and after landing her first full-time job. During this time, she have lived it all: from the long-lasting friendships, to the exhausting squabbles, to the annoying love birds, to the dark-minded canons. Each roommate experience has contributed to her memories and expanded her outlook on the world around.


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