How I Made My DIY Candle and Flowers Centerpiece

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to have flowers or candles in my centerpiece, so I made one using both!

1. Start with a plain white sculpture of any shape you like. I prefer white because it contrasts really well against the red flowers we’re going to use. Make sure there is an opening at the top of the sculpture that is at least 6-7 inches large. I chose a bunny piece I’ve been wanting from Jonathan Adler.

2. Place a white pillar candle in the opening and make sure that it is sitting flat and straight in the bottom of the sculpture. I chose a 9 inch tall pillar candle.

3. While holding the candle straight, pour sand into the opening of the sculpture. I chose to use ‘natural’ white sand; it’s not too fine and I prefer the white color. I used a 3 pound bag of sand for my sculpture which is about than 12 inches long. Even out the sand so that you don’t have any ‘hills’.

4. Now that the candle and sand are in place, it’s time to add some flowers! You can get simple fake red roses from your local craft store, and if you want ones that look very real you can shop at specialty stores or even the Internet. I ordered mine online and I think I purchased 18 flowers.  Cut the stems to the height you want and insert them into the sand to fill up all of the space between your pillar candle and the opening of the sculpture.  Be careful when placing flowers around the candle. You don’t want to put flowers too close to where the flame will be when you light it, and you also don’t want any fake leaves interfering with the flame. Make sure you use enough flowers to make it look nice and full. 

And that’s it! You can use any set of colors for this, but I prefer white and red. I played around with using a red pillar candle with white roses, but this combination looked better. 


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