My Moving-In Day

I was so excited to get the keys to my shiny new apartment; it was all I could think about for the entire preceding week!  When the day finally came, I was honestly feeling really nervous. I kept thinking that I was now officially living on my own. That’s a scary thought!

Thankfully, my boyfriend John and sister Madeline helped me to feel less stressed. Knowing that they were with me made me to realize that even though I’m living by myself, I won’t be all alone. We actually had a ball cleaning the whole place (even though the building cleaning crew had already cleaned it) and getting it set up. My sister loves taking pictures, so she was our official photographer.

I was thankful that my building management and leasing agent made me feel so welcome and comfortable on my move-in day. They congratulated me when I arrived and gave me a little gift along with my keys.

Even though I knew the building’s cleaning crew had already worked their magic, the three of us got straight to cleaning the apartment all over again (you guys know by now that I can be a little bit OCD with some things, cleaning being one of them!) Madeline and John tackled the windows while I mopped.  (Don’t mind my mattress leaning against my wall in this picture!)

Madeline took this great picture of my view. 


My go-to maintenance manager, Enver, was so friendly and made sure I understood how to work all of my appliances. I even got his cell phone number so I can call him whenever I need work done.  Good thing he did, because I was a little too caught up with the excitement of it all to pay too much attention. 

 I’m busy flashing my new keys to Madeline here.  

Overall, I was super stressed over this new start, but I’m really excited to show you guys every step of how I’m making my apartment into a real home. In my next post I’m going to show you how my furniture is coming along. Then stay tuned for a fun and classic DIY centerpiece I made!

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  1. Avatar Christopher Spencer

    OMG! The apartment is so gorgeous! I’m moving to my first apartment tomorrow and I’m all nervous. It use to be an old jail but now it’s renovated to be upper-class living. It’s really neat. I look forward to your next post.