Drea’s Dilemma: Found Perfect Apartment, But Military Deployment Looms


 As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I will be on a short-term deployment starting in August.  My return will be in November, which is when I anticipated making the big move on finding an apartment with Vincent, my beau.  Before the said “big day” arrives, I have researched from the moon and back anything and everything I needed to know as a first time renter.  Of course, this includes seeing the costs of living in different areas.

In the process of exploring living costs in several areas of Southern California, I stumbled across a listing for a little cottage tucked away in the outskirts of Los Angeles.  I opened it and read the entire listing just to discover that it was literally my dream place:  it is a two-story studio apartment, with an upstairs sleeping loft area, full bathroom downstairs, as well as full closet space, and a little kitchenette.  Perfect, right?  I continue to read only to find that they also allow pets!  I’d love to take my kitty, Anna, with me.  Now, this place just turned to golden.

But, wait.  I’m deploying in roughly three months.  Do I really want to be spending my savings for three months plus the three months I’ll be gone?  It is honestly one of the biggest struggles to decide.  The cottage is completely affordable with all utilities included.  It includes gated security, and on top of that, the landlady is a total doll.  Another plus is that it’s located smack dab in between Vincent’s and my families and would also cut my commute to base in half.

I talked to my mother about the cottage.  I explained how it’s the perfect starter apartment for Vincent and me, especially at the price.  We discussed the pros and cons about the location, commute, and being on my own.  After explaining all of the features and amenities, she agreed that if we weren’t to snag it, someone else would.

The pros?

  • Location: as I said, it’s in an extremely central place for our families, school, work, and my base.
  • Utilities: everything included?  Count me in!
  • Meow: my adorable kitty can come (and they’re not charging for a pet deposit!).
  • Commute: the cottage is nestled where major freeways are only minutes away.  Close enough for quick commute, far enough that we don’t hear raging freeway traffic throughout the day.
  • Landlady: sweet. Nothing is worse than having a landlady who nags you constantly and lays down a bunch of unruly laws.
  • Social life: just a short ten minute drive brings you to several different malls, plazas, and grocery stores.
  • Parking: we have our own gated private driveway that fits both of our cars!
  • The price: really, I have never found a cottage with everything included for the price.  Okay, I’m sure you’ve been curious as to what it costs.  Apartment hunters, brace yourself… $625!

The cons?

  • Loft: the only con we really could think of is that headroom for the loft isn’t all too plentiful, especially for two tall people (I’m 5’9”, he’s 6’4”!).

Do I snag it?  Or have faith in the universe that when I return, another golden deal will embrace me with open arms?  Now it’s time to play the waiting game and find out.

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Greetings, fellow apartment hunters! My name is Dréa. I am currently serving in the U.S. Air Force and am also a court reporter, astronomy enthusiast, and amateur knitter. Preparing for deployment in August, my hunt for my dream home won't stop there. I've saved, my credit score is outstanding, and my wish list is made... what've I got to lose? Journey with me as I set out to seek my first apartment!

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  1. Avatar Lexie

    Snag it. Sublet it. You’ll still be getting BAH, so you won’t be spending your savings anyway.