Hired! Introducing Our New Guest Bloggers

We are delighted to welcome our two new guest bloggers, Zainab and Christina.  Zainab will take us along as she and her soon-to-be husband start to hunt for an apartment in Austin, Texas.  Christina is lucky to have already found her dream studio in downtown Manhattan, and she’ll share her furnishing and decorating joys and challenges.

Zainab is planning to move to Austin, Texas from Dallas. She has lived in Texas for most of her life, and is about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. After getting married in June, she is going to begin her graduate studies in Urban Planning at the University of Texas in Austin (go Longhorns!) in August. The couple have just begun their first apartment hunt. While Zainab has lived in almost ten different apartments with her parents, and subleased once for a semester with roommates, this will be her first time finding her own  apartment. She enjoys volunteering, drawing, and writing in her free time.

Christina says she’s the type of person who likes to get involved in everything she can and to keep endlessly busy!  While juggling school, starting her career in  Marketing and moving into her very own NYC apartment for the first time, every day is more exciting than the last.  Furnishing her apartment will be one way to satisfy her shopaholic tendencies; she especially enjoys finding cute one-of-a-kind items.  Christina loves animals, always has a fresh manicure and has an obsession with buying scented candles.  As much as she loves exploring NYC , she gets the most enjoyment from relaxing evenings spent snuggling with her boyfriend over a  dinner and a movie.

Thanks to all who expressed interest in the guest blogger positions. 

We occasionally publish freelance posts from other writers when they address a topic that we think would be interesting or useful for our readers.  If you think that your first apartment story fits the bill, email it to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to take a look.

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