Contest: Tell Us How You Got Screwed by a Huge Rent Hike and You Could Win $50

The contest is over and the winner is … nobody! 

We had zero, zip, nada entries to this contest.  And it’s not like nobody saw it. Over the last week we have had more than 12,000 visitors to the site.  The only thing we can read from this is that all the talk about landlords being able to push huge rent increases is not supported by the experiences of our readers.  With the complicity of media that publishes these scare stories, you the poor renter are made to believe that you should be happy when your rent increases ONLY 5-10%.  So, when you get your increase, don’t just take it, negotiate!

Feel free to comment if you disagree. 

This was the contest: 

OK, we read you.  You are all just looking for your first apartment and still a year away from that first rent hike.  We’ll give you, the rental newbies,  a chance to participate in this contest.  Tell us in the comments what has been the most ridiculously overprised rental you have come across in your hunt for an apartment and you may be the winner of a $50 American Express gift certificate.

We at My First Apartment like a challenge – we also, along with Gothamist, find it incredulous that that the New York Times could not find any ‘normal’ New York residents who when faced with a rent hike, weren’t able to, say, buy a $1 million apartment instead of dealing with a $2850/month in rent (and are smiling about it!). We know they have decent reporters; they just won multiple Pulitzers for goodness sake. But, they seem to always miss on rent issues, like how non-wealthy residents deal with housing.

So, we want to hear from you. Tell us your sob stories in comments below;  complain, vent, and know that WE GET IT. In fact, we’ll pick the worst story and crown the winner (or should we say the biggest loser?) our Recession Housing Crunch King or Queen.

And, we’ll even give the winner $50 to drown your sorrows with beer or wine or . . .  something harder – however you roll!

We’ll collect stories until next Sunday night May 6th and announce our winner  on Monday May 7th.

BTW – We hope your luck changes, contest entrants. Really, really soon!


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Comments (3)

  1. Avatar Brittany

    You should do it again, I’m definitely going to be using your guys site as reference while I move over the next month or so.

  2. Avatar Whitney

    So like omg…I totally missed this, kinda sad.
    Oh well. If this gets posted again I will definitely share my story

  3. Avatar Leggie

    Dang. I missed the contest. And I have definitely seen my share of overpriced rentals and listings that advertise a pool, which turns out to be an empty cement pit that hasn’t been filled with water in decades. I guess I’ll keep stopping by and see if you guys have another contest.