Laundry In Your Apt: Meet the Laundry Pod

Sometimes here at MFA, we get some really neat opportunities. Like, being among the first to learn about cool new products to make your apartment living easier. One of the recent items sent our way was the Laundry Pod  – which is essentially a large salad spinner for clothes. It was designed by a mom tired of wasting water washing her sons’ multiple sports uniforms – but it has potential benefits for any city sweller.



First, how it works:


















Yes, there are a lot of steps. Which, can be fine depending on your needs and priorities. For me, with a lack of time, I feel like time is my biggest enemy. Perhaps, for you cost is – and the need to conserve water. So, let’s assume that the 10 -item at a time wash doesn’t bother you. . . and we’re off to the races!

First, the good parts:

It’s conveniently portable and can fit in the smallest of NYC bathtubs. Especially for those without easy access to laundry, it can be pretty helpful to be able to wash your, em, ‘intimates’ at a moment’s notice.  If your other option is hand washing, it’s definitely an improvement. And, if you’re paying $2.25+ a load, that’s some nice extra change in your pocket (after the initial $99.95 cost) + no more dragging your stuff to the laundromat!

And, the not as great parts:

It’s not as easy as it looks, in the sense that you gotta really work your muscles with each load to move the water around. (On the plus side, you could consider using the Pod part of your exercise routine!) So, while you may leave your laundry at the laudromat and then read a book – this is a much more active process. Also, while it gets out smells pretty well – stains are another story, so you might consider pre-treating. It’s possible I didn’t let the items soak long enough, but not sure I’d trust my favorite sweater in this guy. It also has this tricky hose where the dirty water goes out …so you can get a bit wet.

So, on the whole – while I’m not sure how often I’ll be using the Laundry Pod, it may be a good fit for others.

What do you think? Would this be useful for you? Let us know!

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Comments (5)

  1. Avatar Ali Raza

    Hmm I grew up without a washer and dryer and we washed our clothes by hand so to me this is quite doable. However, my washer/dryer is right across from my bedroom so I have no use for it, but sounds like a good solution for those who are not so lucky

  2. Avatar Brittany

    There are actually dozens of these types of washers (and dryers!!) on the market today. You just gotta know where to look. For the same price you can certainly get an electric one:

    OR you can get a cheaper one that’s not quite as difficult to use.

    Just look up mini apartment washers and you’ll find a bunch of different ones.

  3. Alissa Alissa

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks so much for your post! We’re so happy you’re a loyal reader – especially one with such great tips:) I wasn’t aware of the Haier portable washer, but definitely sounds like a great option! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Avatar Michelle

    Hi Alissa,
    I’ve been keeping up with your blog ever since I moved into a new apt. July 2011. When I moved in I was instantly disappointed with the laundry facility in my complex so I saved some $$ and also with a little help from my folks got this amazing Haier portable washer. It’s a little pricey but it’s def worth it and I prefer to hang dry my clothes anyway. Almost all the reviews on amazon and other websites are way thumbs up. The only thing was having to change my sink faucet and add an adapter which was all pretty easy to do. Anyone who’s handy or has a handy gf/bf or family member can help. Just a bit of an FYI for you and your readers. :) P.S. I bought mine from Walmart and they had it cheaper on rollback, look for sales!