Katherine’s10 Essential First Apartment Items

Our guest blogger Katherine has made a list and checked it twice. No, not the list you’re thinking of;  it’s her list of essentials every first apartment needs to have. 


There are a lot of things you might want for your apartment; a modern version of a Victrola or a sweet ping-pong table perhaps? Or what about that totally practical and always in fashion water bed? And let’s not forget that that exact replica of Joey’s dog statue from Friends. For now let’s save those purchases for our wish lists. There are more essential item you’ll need to put that hard-earned cash towards. Below are my top ten essential items you’ll need to furnish your first apartment. Priced from Craigslist to Ikea to Pottery Barn.

1. A couch
Yes, welcome to the real world. Beanbag chairs and futons don’t cut it here. And yes, I know, couches aren’t cheap, but where will your BFF from high school sleep when she comes to visit you in your new glamorous life as a real adult?

2. Lamps
Soft lighting makes everyone look better. Period. These bad boys will come in handy at your next party when you want to seduce that cutie from downstairs.

3.  TV
Even if you don’t spring for cable and only use the TV for DVDs, you’ll thank yourself when you are able to watch all the Transformers movies on something larger than your Macbook Pro.

4. All purpose table (complete with chairs)
I can’t stress this enough: eating on the floor sucks. You need a table with chairs. If you don’t have a lot of space in your apartment, this table can do double duty as a dining room table, a desk, and even an extra place to chop those red bell peppers.

5. Bed (Full)
Just do it. You’ll be happier. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep and nothing will get you there faster than a bed. You can find one on craigslist on the cheap or you can shell out all your pennies for a Serta Perfect Sleeper. Either way, this is essential. Don’t forget the box spring!

6. Garbage cans
With lids. Always with lids. First think about what you throw away from the kitchen and from the bathroom and now tell me you’re thinking of getting a trashcan without a lid. Just don’t even think about it. Also, it’s always nice to have a little one in your room and in the living room just for good measure.
$39.99-Bed Bath and Beyond

7. Stackable Storage Containers
Repeat after me, “The container store is my friend.” Organization tools like this are worth the money. For the ladies, it will help your less than clean roommate put her makeup somewhere other than the bathroom counter and for the dudes it can help store all those video games. In the end, it makes those tiny closets as spacious as they can possible be.
$10-35 a drawer (Container Store)

8. Curtains
Do you want to give a free peep show to the neighborhood? Unlikely. So invest in some curtains because  otherwise you may just strip, or do other unbecoming things in full view of the window in the dead of night. Don’t let this happen to you. Plus they will aid you in your nocturnal lifestyle on the weekends.

9. Microwave
Sometimes you just can’t spend 5 hours cooking the perfect Beef Bourguignon and sometimes you just want Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Macaroni and Cheese. For times like these a microwave is essential and not all apartments come with one. It’s up to you to ensure yourself a lifestyle of meals in less than 5 minutes.
$100-Bed Bath and Beyond

10. Bath Mat
Without one, you will slip faster than a cartoon character on a banana peel. Not only is it dangerous not to have one, who doesn’t want that plush carpet bathing their feet in cuddly warmth immediately upon exiting the shower?

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