Holiday Tipping 2011: Infographic Style

In years’ past, we’ve covered the mysterious, occasionally awkward subject of holiday tipping – how much and to whom.  In fact, we have an entire section within our blog about the holidays and how to make it through them happy and unscathed:)

Last year, I tipped my coffee cart guy (I don’t have a super etc) and was glad to have done so – he really appreciated it. How much so? Well, enough that when I moved from New York to Chicago later this year and told him I was leaving, he insisted on giving me a free cup of Joe my entire last week in the office. Of course, the holiday tip wasn’t the only reason for our relationship, but it was a nice symbol that I cared about his service. I see the holiday tip as a nice gesture and a sign of respect and appreciation.

So – who in your life should you be tipping? Rentenna, a NYC-based website that ranks NYC apt listings, recently did some research and put together their nifty infographic below. They also show what an average tip in 1911 was compared to 2011 – note the difference between downtown and uptown living! And be happy that you don’t have a messenger boy or grocer boy or milkman to add to your list.

Keep in mind though – the below shows a range of generosity. Only give what you feel comfortable giving!


Holiday Tipping Infographic presented by apartment rental reviews site, with thanks to the BrickUnderground 2011 Holiday Tipping Guide.

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