Announcing Our *$100 Giveaway* Winner

Hi, it’s Alex again, Alissa’s boyfriend. True to form, we’re ready to announce the winner of our $100 Giveaway. But first, a reminder of the rules as desribed in  this post from Sept. 26.  All entrants were to describe in the comments section their most recent apartment transformation and for their entry to be valid, they had to also like Apartment Guide on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. The randomly-selected winner will receive a $100 American Express Gift Card that can be used pretty much everywhere!


And the winner is …. Lynda Del!!! She wrote: “I’ve recently furnished an efficiency at my house for rent to a gifted college student who is attending a nearby university. So after my baby sister moved away from our parent’s house to attend college, I’ve moved her sleigh bed frame in there and then shopped at a neighborhood moving sale and had gotten items such as an armoire that matches nicely with the bed and a dinette/work table. I’ve gotten a bed-in-a-bag set in green colors which I find that the color is calming and inspiring. I’ve also had a bold-colored printed set of bed sheets that I’ve never used and I transformed them into window treatments that I strategically placed behind the bed to make it pop! My tenant couldn’t believe her fortune and loves her space.”

Congratulations to Lynda, both on winning our giveaway and on the stellar room transformation. We will be contacting you shortly about where to send the gift card.

And thanks to all our readers who participated – we’re always excited to hear your apartment transformation stories. Keep sharing!

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