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Apartment hunting can be the total worst – we know.
So, we wanted to offer you a lil’ pick-me-up – in the form of a free coolness. . . Specifically, a rad new t-shirt from Scared Panda, a t-shirt shop that specializes in shirts that reflect the different communities the founders have lived in and experienced.
The t-shirts are produced locally in the U.S., use environmentally-friendly printing techniques and best of all 10% of each t-shirt sale is donated to Growing Home, a Chicago-based nonprofit. Pretty neat!
Enter to win a Scared Panda tee of your choice (with free-shipping, oh yeah!), by letting us know the best apt hunting tip you’ve got have in our comments section below. We’re all about crowdsourcing tips to make your search easier:)
We’ll pick two random winners. . . so put on your thinking cap! If you need some inspiration, check out tips below from Scared Panda:
  • Decide on a neighborhood before you begin your search. Otherwise, you’ll be running all over the city – sweaty and exhausted.
  • Bring a camera when you look at apartments. After a day of hunting, details definitely begin to blend.
  • Use to chart locations -but also to determine the average rent in your area. Use this info when negotiating your rent!

We look forward to seeing your tips below in our comment section. We’ll announce our winners October 1:)

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  1. Avatar Rebecca S

    When apartment hunting in NYC, always carry your checkbook, copies of bank statements, W-2’s, parents’ bank statements (if you work for nonprofit, or are an actor, you are likely going to need a guarantor), paystubs, and copies of your id. If you like an apartment, you will want to immediately apply for it, which will take it off the market (at least temporarily). For NYC apartment applications, you will normally have to pay a credit check fee (50-75 bones), as well as perform the herculean task of proving financial solvency. If you have found a place where the rent does not make you physically ill, where there is a grocery store and subway stop within walking distance, and no visible vermin, you’ll want to apply as quickly as possible. There will be someone coming to see it right after you; they will make more money than you, and have shinier hair. So, be prepared!!

  2. Avatar Shauna C

    Be like Santa: make lists and check them twice. Everything from what you want in an apartment (do you need a dishwasher and washing machine? or can you wash your dishes by hand and run to the laundromat weekly?), to what furniture you can’t live without, to future endeavors (are you going to want to get a German Shepard at some point while you live there?). Prioritize what is most important- for example, I have my own car and live in the suburbs, so public transportation isn’t a huge deal for me. For you city slickers, though, you might want to see how far you are from a bus stop. Then visit your potential apartments and see which one matches up with your lists the best, and cut corners where you have too to get your perfect place.

  3. Avatar Christine Hayes

    I moved to Milwaukee, WI in April. I would say know your must-haves and what you can live without. For me a dishwasher was a must-have, since both me and my boyfriend hate doing dishes. Windows were a must-have, after out basement apartment we had previously. Living in the trendy neighborhood was not a must-have ($$ savings). A newer building was not a must-have (more $$ savings).

    Also, go with your gut…I thought I needed to look at more places to cover my bases even though I had fallen in love with the second apartment we looked at. Someone finally pointed this out to me so we saved ourselves a lot of time and put the deposit down later that day.

    5 months later and I still love my place!

  4. Avatar Katie Grogan

    I’ve moved to two apartments with in NYC. The first time I just picked the place off Craig’s list and it worked out fine, but when I went searching for my new place I kept a couple of things in mind. One piece of advice that I believe people need to keep in mind is knowing where your local grocery store is. Sure you can order from Fresh Direct and have it delivered, but if you have to run out for the necessities, you don’t want to travel for blocks in the rain, sleet, snow, or heat while carrying all of your grocery bags.

    Another piece of advice, know where your public transportation is. I don’t mind walking to work, but if you do, you will want to be near either a bus stop or train station. Cabs get expensive, and it’s also convenient for your visitors.

    Hope this helps!

    • Alissa Alissa

      Congratulations to Katie and Shauna! You’re our lucky winners:) We’ll be contacting you shortly with additional details. Thanks to everyone for entering and for your awesome tips! – Alissa, MFA