Furnishing Your Apartment for $2000 or Less

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our past posts detailing our suggestions for furnishing your apartment for $500 and $1000. Today’s post, the last in our series, is for the big spender – with $2000 in his/her apartment piggy bank. 

At this budget level, you can afford stuff that is worth moving to your next place and maybe the one after that, so consider the size and ease to move. Also, remember “measure twice and buy once” with larger items. Check your doorways and stairs before you fall in in love with that queen-sized bed frame or a 3-seater couch.

Check out guest blogger Katie’s suggestions below!

Bed and Mattress- $700

It’s kinda crazy that spending $700 on a new mattress is only average, but if you don’t have any kind of mattress, alas that’s likely what’s needed if you don’t want to make any compromises ( i.e. IKEA, floor sample mattress etc). If you’re in this position, check out our detailed guide to buying a new mattress here.

If you already have a mattress and have $ to spend on a  bed frame, CB2 is one of my favorite places to get furniture because it’s relatively affordable and the design is sleek and modern – something that you likely won’t tire of after a year or two.

Bedding – $100

West Elm is my go-to for bedding – you can get some great deals and they have great options to choose from. If you have $100  – we’d suggest buying a new duvet cover but using older sheets – assuming you make your bed daily, that is! And with a nice duvet you don’t even need a bedspread, so making your bed takes about two shakes.

Dresser- $50

Target has a great closet organization system that is much cheaper than a dresser. For $49 you can get a cubical organizer and personalize it with fun colored drawers. These fit nicely in a closet.

Nightstand, end tables, coffee tables- $150

Ikea has some nice budget-friendly options for end tables. You can also get creative and use a sturdy stack of books to create end tables near your couch, for the life-long students among us!

Curtains (and curtain rods) – $60

Check overstock.com, they usually have great deals on curtains. And having solid, thick curtains will help keep your electric bill lower in the warm months. Just be sure to measure your window before you set out for the day or we predict a return in your future.

Couch – $400

Having a comfortable couch is important and Ikea has some great options for anyone on a budget.

Kitchen table and chairs – $200

Go to your local furniture warehouse – they often have sales on dinette sets and you can purchase a floor model for even less.  If your table also serves as your desk/worktable/sideboard, consider getting a sturdy unpainted solid wood table and refinishing or painting it yourself.

Dishes, silverware, pots and pans – $150

Invest in one good stainless steel pot, a good frying pan and one decent chef’s knife. If you are lucky, you can snag these at local garage sales. People often get rid of perfectly good kitchen supplies at garage/stoop sales for bargain prices.  If not, scope out the kitchenware sales at Macy’s or Target and visit Amazon.com.

If you can save elsewhere on our list, check our Fishs Eddy. They have super creative dishes as well as more affordable, but still quality options – especially if you live in New York and don’t have to pay for shipping.

Trash cans – $20

You need at least one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Spend the money.

Shower curtain – $20

Get something that you love here – when you’re tired in the morning a bright, fun shower curtain will help you wake up.

Bath rugs – $15

Yup, necessary for safety reasons

Laundry basket – $15

You can get one of these at any major retailer. It’ll keep the peace in your bedroom.

Artwork – $120

With the extra budget, spend some money adding personal touches to your apartment. Framed pictures and paintings are a great way to add some color to your space.  Need tips on how to find great artwork for less? Check out our past post with advice from ArtHound blogger Kate Singleton.

What do you think? Did we leave anything out? If so, post a comment below!

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  1. Avatar Daniel Kramer

    I really enjoyed this post because I am in the process of designing my new apartment and i found it really difficult to find a good interior designer who was both cheap and had good quality in taste and design. I came across furnishr.com and it really helped me design the room my son wanted at a small cost. I highly recommend the website to anyone designing a room in their house or any desired location because they expertise and efficiency in not only helping me design the room but also getting the products I needed to design my apartment as great!

  2. Avatar lauren

    Wow, that’s incredible that you can get all of that for only $2000. I am looking to start all over somewhere new so I have been looking at furnished apartments in Richmond VA. I thought furnishing an entire apartment was going to cost a small fortune. Thanks so much for sharing, now I don’t have to look at just furnished apartments. This was very helpful!