How to Keep Your Apartment Cool!

Oh my goodness – the heat!

It’s true that we’re in the midst of a 3-post series about how to furnish your apartment based on various budgets. BUT – we thought it necessarily to take a break this week to discuss some important apartment cooling info. Check back shortly for our final installment on how to furnish your apt on $2000 or less!

The East Coast has seen record breaking temperatures this weekend – have you been staying cool? If not, we have some tips that will not only keep you comfortable but may also save you $ at the end of the month.

1) Invest in thick, sun blocking shades. It’s a bit odd, really, to try to keep sunlight out of your apartment. At the very least – it’s typically counter-intuitive.  But thick blinds can really do the trick, making your apartment cooler and your AC do less work. At minimum, try thicker shadesin your bedroom.

2) Go shopping or hit up that coffee shop. The one with AC. Especially if you share a larger apartment with roommates, having all three bedroom ACs going at once can be expensive, and with the ongoing brown-outs happening across the East Coast, just not feasible. So, take a field trip to nearby shops/malls/etc to cool off during the day. I’d recommend a mall over the beach on the super hot days, as you don’t want to risk heat exhaustion.

3) Use fans to help blow the AC air throughout the apt.  If you have some box fans, consider setting them up to help circulate air that may otherwise grow stale.

4) Close closet and bathroom doors. There’s no need to cool places you aren’t actually using right now.

5) A cold shower is better than any AC. One of the reasons you’ll feel so tired during a heat wave is that your body doesn’t sleep as well when it’s been overheated. Consider taking a cold shower each night before bed to aid your sleep cycle.

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water!  Even if you are staying indoors, keep a glass next to you while you’re reading, watching tv, etc. Another fun, tasty treat is making home-made popsicles, using fruit juice, and ice tray and a popsicle stick.

Do you have any cool as cucumber tips?  Share below!

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