New Way to Split the Rent With Your Roommates

Split the rentI can’t believe it’s already mid-April and the prime moving season is just two weeks away…are you ready? Be sure to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions as you head out on your searches. We’re happy to answer q’s in our monthly mailbag posts. In the meantime, we’ll continue to give you ammunition to help make the apartment search process as easy as possible!

Today topic is how to split the rent fairly amongst individuals, all those little/big things that make a potential roommate relationship awkward fast.

In the past, I’ve answered that the most important thing to do is to divide the rent so that everyone is happy with their arrangement. This is still true, but, admittedly, sometimes it’s hard to get to the point where all parties feel they have a fair deal. So, we found you some help.

Enter the Split The Rent Calculator, specifically designed for such dilemmas.

Things it handles really well include:

  • Unequal room sizes
  • Some rooms are being shared by a couple
  • Up to 8 bedrooms
  • When some rooms have no windows, huge closets, bad sound isolation, private bathrooms, etc.

Pretty amazing, eh?

The calculator also takes into consideration adjustments based on quality of rooms and added amenities. I’m not much for algorithms for algorithms sake – but I like no drama and ease. I tested it out for my old 3 bedroom apartment, where the rent was $2700 and thought the results seemed pretty fair.

One room was “large”, one room was “generous” and the last room was “a touch small”. Other than that, the living area was large and everyone had a good layout with windows. Below is the suggested price breakdown:

Room Suggested rent:

Large Room #1


Generous Room #2


Touch Small Room #3


At first glance, that seems okay – I imagine the middle room is paying more than 900 because the room is still larger than normal. But, I can see the middle room person being peeved they’re paying more than 1/3.

So, while I’m not sure whether this magic calculator should be the ‘be all, end all’ of rent dividers, I think it’s a very helpful starting point.

Check out the Split the Rent calculator and let us know if it works for you!

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