Give Your Apartment a 2011 Check-Up

It’s time to give your apartment its annual check-up. Let me share a few apt tips that will be nearly 100% painless and totally worth-it!

1) Change the Batteries – In your smoke detector? Certainly. Also, think about the last time you changed them in your tv/dvd remote. At the very least, buy a pack to have on handy so you won’t be inconvenienced.

2) Buy a Bed-Bug Mattress Protector. Stop worrying about whether you’re going to get ‘em and start protecting yourself. Now.

3) Get Dusting. Not just tabletops, but the high shelves and corners and the dust bunnies under the bed. If you’re like most of us, dust makes you sickly. I super-dusted a couple weeks ago and for the first time (according to a trusted source, ahem), did not snore. And, my nose wasn’t all itchy upon waking. Not too shabby.

4) Check your Lightbulbs. Have you been avoiding changing them into the super long-lasting energy efficient ones because you don’t have a ladder? Well, pick a day and finally bug your landlord or super. Your wallet and the environment will thank you.

5) Check Your Medicine Cabinet. We’re right in the middle of cold and flu season and you don’t want to feel crummy and THEN realize you’re out of Sudafed etc. And while checking get rid of all the cosmetics and grooming supplies that are long past their prime.

6) Buy a New Trash Bin. Your old one is SO 2010—and smells like it. Yuck!

7) And, on that note, how old is your mayo? And what’s that gook in the jar without a label?Go through your fridge and make sure that everything you’re keeping is still good and hasn’t started reeking. You and your roomies will be super appreciative!

Anyone have any other suggestions for easy ways to make your 2011 apartment the best yet? Do share!

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  1. Avatar Rachel

    I just watched this funny video on youtube about “virgin mattresses” and it really got me thinking about how to turn my new place (I just moved in about 2 months ago) into a first real home. It’s not my first apartment, but I don’t want it to be like my college one! Glad I found this – great checklist and I will definitely use it. Thanks!