How to Throw a Last Minute New Year’s Eve Party

If you’ve recently moved into a new place, there’s no better way to make a place feel lived in than by having a gather/party/what have you.  Sure, it means wet entryways (at least if you live in the Northeast!) but it also means adding warmth and friends to what may feel like an unfamiliar abode. And, if you have at all classy friends, they’ll bring you a bottle of wine to help christen things. ;-)

Plus, it’s really not that hard to whip up some good fun.

Here’s what to do if you want to hold a last minute soiree (seriously, how many names for party are there!)

1) Call people. Yeah, there’s evite and fancy email-invites but if you want an accurate headcount, a call goes a long way. Email as well so people can pass along the invite to their friends too — but personalization is key. Also, while everyone’s digitally connected, eh, a phone call is still often quickest.

2) Divide up the work. Really, there are three keys to a good party. Food. Liquor. Music/Cleaning. If you have two roommates, divide and conquer. If you don’t, ask a close friend to help. Co-hosting is also a great option as it divides up the responsibility.

3) Hit Trader Joe’s (if possible). Yes, Trader Joe’s is a busy bustling place. BUT it’s a one stop shop for beer and party food. Their pigs in a blanket are ridiculously bad for you and equally tasty. Also, you know, carrots and dip! If you don’t live near a TJ, pick a supermarket that sells both food and liquor.

4) Stream Music. Good party music used to take a lot of effort — now it just takes Pandora.  Set up your account and pick whatever songs float your boat — Pandora will find similar songs and you can broadcast all night long.

4A) Clean. I’m always a less is more kinda gal, but make sure that the place is at least presentable…:-)

5) And don’t forget the party favors! $5 towards noisemakers and party hats go a long way to make your party seem festive.

New Year’s is always such a weird holiday…and can be ridiculously expensive.  In my experience, house parties are always welcome and I’m always thankful to get an invite. Hopefully your guests will feel the same

Happy New Year!

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