Feel A Bit Better About Your Apt Search (Thnx NyTimes!)

Something I try very hard to do on a day-to-day basis, is appreciate what I have.  Sometimes, I succeed. . .  but often I fail.  Like, miserably fail. Life just moves too fast.

But with giving thanks fresh in mind, it seems only natural to look around and recognize how lucky I am to live in my small (but not too-small), clean (but not anal-y clean), cozy apartment.

Admittedly, looking through the New York Times current slideshow of  pathetic looking apt pics def makes me feel better.  If anyone’s feeling a bit worse for the apt-search-wear right now, I recommend giving it a good viewing.

Why? Because misery loves company and because there’s always someone better off and someone worse off than you.   The folks submitting pictures are arguing they’re worse-off in the apt category, and their stories hold up.

There are  200+ comments where readers vie for title of worst abode.  One woman lived in a baby doll warehouse in Bushwick…next to a toxic waste dump. Be thankful that’s not you!

While I’ve done my share of complaining since I moved here, I certainly can’t match that.

I’ve lived in New York for nearly 3 years and I started out in a basement with a window the size of my palm with 2 strangers who moved 2 months later, leaving me back at square one. But, I made it and you can, too. So, take some comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in your struggles.

In fact, according to the Times, there are 1.28 million of us 20-somethings in the city, striving, striving, trying to make our way. And slowly, but surely, we are.

The title of the NYT’s  recent article is “The Price 20-Somethings Pay to Live In the City, but I think we’re getting something pretty valuable back in return.

What do you think?

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