Time Out’s Apt Issue Is Better Than Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa

You think I’m kidding? It’s true!

For those looking for a mini low-down on NYC apartments right now the current issue of Time Out New York (TONY) is a virtual goldmine. Even better, they have more goodies online.   If you’re looking to move to New York and want to see first hand what apartments really look like — and their corresponding prices — look no further than the Time Out NY Apt Slideshow: 86 apartments fresh on the market in all their glory (or not). It’d be more helpful if a map and broker info was included, but this should give a good enough preview of what’s available.  After all, there are other actually available apts presented in listing style elsewhere on the site, and all are under 2K (nice!)

Another article I found helpful is their Broker Faux Pas article which gets down and dirty from a broker’s perspective — especially the response to “what to do if after you sign the lease (but the landlord doesn’t) the landlord wants to raise the rent.”  The broker’s response may seem heartless, but it’s kind of on the money.  The real lesson is that NYC real estate can be a cruel, cruel world and one has to constantly watch his/her back. Sigh.

Meanwhile, TONY does a nice job of trying to bullet-point out some of the rent control nuances.  The Housing NYC website is a bit of a mess to wade through, so instead check out the mag’s NYC Rent 101 for such helpful info as:  When stabilized rent reaches $2,000 per month, it becomes destabilized—but only if the annual household income is more than $175,000 for two years prior. I definitely didn’t know that!

Final thoughts? New York is often a bit of a game in terms of who you know and who you can trust.  Both tend to fluctuate to a ridiculous degree. But, after a few years of experience, I trust Time Out and so should you (well, if you can trust me that is!) It’s smart reporting from a perspective that actually “GETS” what it’s like to live in NYC.  They only publish apt articles every now and then, but it’s always a treat when they do:)

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