The Best Birthday Present Ever – Can You Help?



Happy 5th Birthday to. . . us!

It’s true – we launched in September of ’05 and we’re still alive and kicking! We’re going to be hosting rad giveaways later in the month  as a small way of saying thanks for being awesome – before then we have a small ask for you.

If you’ve found value in any of our posts, we’re not looking for donations for My First Apartment.  Instead, we’re asking that you consider donating what you might have donated to us – to charity: water, a non-profit that brings clean, safe water to developing nations. It can be a 5th birthday present, per se.

Why charity: water?  Because this non-profit that could has already helped more than 1.27 million in 17 countries. This September, charity: water is looking to raise 1.7 million to bring clean water to 90,000 of the poorest residents of the Central African Republic. People who spend hours each day walking to get clean, safe water.

Sound overwhelming? Not so! It costs only $20 dollars to give water to 1 person for 20 years. AND, 100% of your donation goes to the work (not admin).

But, seriously, feel free to give just $1 (we know, most of your $ is going towards moving out!). It’d make us feel all warm and fuzzy and show that ya’ll value the writing we (happily!) do for you:)

Plus, how cool would it be if we can brag about how totally sweet our readers are?

Should you feel so inclined, you can donate on our charity: water profile page, where you can also learn more about the people your donation will help.

Thanks in advance, guys. You rock.

charity: water 2010 September Campaign: Clean Water for the Bayaka from charity: water on Vimeo.

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