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Often, we’re asked what kind of “stuff” we’d recommend for apartments.  Kitchen Stuff. Living Room Stuff. Bedroom and Bathroom and beyond.  So, while there are certain items I know well and can heartily recommend (hello, husband pillow!), I thought it might be nice for us to start including a few product reviews.  But only stuff ya’ll would actually use. No uncool stuff!

Personally, living in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, I tend to gravitate towards products that give me a greater bang for my buck and that I can use for multiple needs.  Think, a TV stand that also showcases books/DVDs/board games.

Along that vein, we got to play around with two types of speakers from Altec Lansing that pull double duty, appealing to either your need for absolutely tiny or your need for pick-up and go. Also, your need to throw an awesome dance party!  AND, We’re going to give them away – read down for details!

The first speaker was the above Octiv Mini ($49.99), which works with multiple iPhones and iPods.  It’s about 4’’ wide by 5‘’inches in length and can fit pretty much anywhere.

It also has a cool geo-shape  and. . . can easily serve as an alarm clock  with one quick (free) download.   In terms of sound quality, for its size the sound is definitely good. That said, if you’re very picky about sound quality (Hi Dad, if you’re reading this!)  you may be more interested in the second speaker we got to jam with this weekend.  Also, small downside is that the sound jumps a bit from low volume to medium etc. and there’s no adjuster on the speaker system itself – have to do it on your device.  But, considering the small size, neither is so surprising.

The inMotion Compact ($79.99) is one sweet speaker system.  I was  cooking this weekend and seriously rocking out to Tom Petty.  I thought there was a live concert next to me –the sound was THAT good. Tom Petty also produces great live tracks(!), but I digress.   What’s nifty about the inMotion is that the design is quite compactable.  It can fold easily in any purse to bring to the park, beach, what have you – and then uses the same fold-ability to serve as a prop, to stand up the system.  It’s one of the sleekest boom boxes (sans radio), I’ve ever seen.


So, yes, it’s true – two lucky readers are going to win one of the above speakers!  How so?  Tell us the best piece of advice you’ve found on My First Apartment and we’ll pick a winner for each speaker system at random end of next week, on Friday October 1st.  (US Residents only).  Enter by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Good Luck!

(We received free products from Altec Lansing for review purposes)

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Comments (16)

    • Sisko Sisko

      You need to answer the question at the bottom of the post in order to participate in the giveaway.

  1. Avatar thepricklypinecone

    The favorite tips you have given IMO has to be the whole post on the first 10 things you need for an apartment. As someone who may be moving into an apartment soon for the first time ever it was good to know what is needed!

  2. Avatar Casey

    My favorite advice was “a beautiful apartment no matter what size”. Being on such a tight budget in such a tiny place has undoubtedly been hard to make affordable, efficient, and elegant!

  3. Avatar Meg

    The best advice I’ve received from the site so far has definitely been the article about how to get rid of a stench from your apartment! Mine stunk from the get go, and after washing the walls and adding a coat of new paint, along with several automatic air fresheners, that foul party crasher is gone :)

  4. Avatar zach

    My favorite is: How To Personalize Your Pad When You Can’t Paint. That is a good article for anywhere you live!

  5. Avatar Clark

    I think I have learned a lot from reading the posts in the forumn. I also learned a lot from the article about having a dowry for a apartment.

  6. Avatar Char

    I liked the article about bad landlords. I also like the articles about searching NY for an apartment. I live on the West Coast, and have only visitied NY one time, but I wondered what it would be like to live there and find those articles interesting.

  7. Avatar Brittany

    I really liked the lists of things you will need for you first apartment. I was really worrying I would forget something but this list helped! thanks!

  8. Avatar Lady Laarni

    I like the checklist of the things that are needed during your move. That really helps my planning esp since I’ll be moving the beginning of 2011. Thanks

  9. Avatar Aoife

    By far, the best advice I found on your site was “Trust Your Instincts”.

    A mere 4 days after I made the big move from Dublin to New York for my 5-month tenure here, I was struck down with double pneumonia. I guess the stress of planning, packing and saying goodbye had an impact on my health… so I suppose you could stay that my first independent living space in New York was actually courtesy of NYU hospital? (Thank goodness for health insurance.)

    After that, I felt pretty spooked and wobbly on my feet, both physically and emotionally. I started trawling through rental sites and craigslist ads, but found nothing worth seeing. After a couple of weeks, I forced myself to visit apartments and meet sublessors, but there was always *something* that niggled at me about each of them. This one was too far, that one wasn’t a good neighbourhood, the other one smelled weird… there was always something.

    It was week 6 of my stay when I really began to lose hope. . Luckily I have a patient and generous friend here in Brooklyn, but this wasn’t the experience I had been hoping for; I had planned to get settled within the first 3 weeks. I had already thrown out most of my original criteria: I was now open to having roommates, my budget was being stretched by the day, and I was broadening my geographical region – but still, nothing. Dozens of emails went unanswered. My faith in humanity was battered.

    But then, Lo! On one of my least hopeful days – a day on which I was bracing myself to settle for an overpriced, small bedroom in a 3-bedroom share – I met the man who would change the course of my New York experience. He invited me in to see his studio apartment and we ended up chatting comfortably about nothing and everything for nearly 2 hours. His apartment – MY apartment, in which I am now reclining comfortably – was perfect for all my needs. It’s spacious but not wastefully so, it’s within my original budget, and it’s ideally located for work.

    What was as important to me as any of these “perfect on paper” criteria was that it FELT right. I needed to feel safe and at ease in my new home, and that’s exactly what I got. All the unanswered mails, the fruitless excursions, the awkward meetings, the uncomfortable “Thanks, but no thanks…” ordeals… it was all worth it. It took me nearly 7 weeks, but I’m proud that I was able to trust my gut and wait for what was right for me. And actually, the experiences I’ve gained have been priceless; I know Brooklyn better than a lot of life-long New Yorkers do!

    Thanks so much for this fantastic site; I gained so much courage just from reading your tips and realising that I wasn’t in this alone.

  10. Avatar amber

    Since I am currently in the apartment search, my best advice that I got from your site is to do your research. Research your apartment complex, your landlord or the company, and yourself (credit history, references, etc). I really enjoyed your article “Checking Out That Rental – Become An Ace Scout”. It will defiantly come in handy!

  11. Avatar Adriana

    The best advice that I got was using different thinks like paper, rugs, frames, etc to brighten up a room when you can’t or don’t want to paint. It was very unique and helpful!!

  12. Avatar Tim

    Best advice was “Curtains have a massive impact on the heating and cooling of a room” So very important up here in Maine.