Sarah Says Neighbors Are Friends Not Foes

Today’s guest blogger is Sarah whose first apartment is in the outskirts of St. Louis. She’s a recent college graduate and just started her first job as the Assistant Resident Director of off-campus housing!

Neighbors are friends not foes
Whether you have that loud jazzercising neighbor above or chain smoker neighbor to the side, it is time to make a new friend. Your neighbors can be your greatest assets or dividing factor. So here are a few helpful hints to create a connection (who knows they may be less likely to report you when your stereo gets too loud!):

1.       Learn their name, and greet them once in a while! People feel more cared about when you use their name.

2.       When you first move introduce yourself and maybe give them a cute gift. Think a pound of sugar, in case you ever need a cup of it!

3.       Don’t gossip about your neighbors, as they will most likely find out. Like your momma always said, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

4.       Lend a hand. It speaks volumes if you can help out your neighbor move their new TV or watch their dog for the evening.

5.       Be considerate of your noise as this is usually the #1 complaint, and if you are courteous to them they are more likely to do the same.

6.       Invite them over! Hospitality is a great way to show you care. And you might find out that they are just as addicted to coffee as you are.

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Comments (3)

  1. Avatar Bobby

    Remember, not all your readers are extroverts!

    As an introvert myself, I prefer to treat my neighbors as just neutral.

  2. Avatar Ashley

    Yes!!! What an amazing outlook on life and such a positive attitude about those who surround you daily! I just recently moved out of my first apt. of 2 years and I loved every minute of it! I would sit outside with my next door nieghbors and just talk to them for hours. We’d always say hello to eachother at the very least, even if we one of us were running out the door. Thank you Sarah for your out look on life with your new apt. If only more people thought this way!!