Mercedes Finds Her Dream Off-Campus Apartment

Mercedes from Laramie, WY, reports on her hunt for an off-campus apartment. It comes with a pool, hot tub and tanning bed, among other amenities!  For $389 amonth, furnished! (It’s up to $429 now, but Mercedes got a deal by signing early.)

“I decided to attend the University of Wyoming after I graduated from a community college. I definitely did not want to live in the dorms. So I started looking for a house or an apartment. Searching for an off campus apartment is  hard, especially when you are not anywhere near the campus when you need to look. So, when I first started my search for the perfect apartment, I made a list of things I wanted. I wanted my new apartment to be in a nice location, not too far from campus, but not far from downtown Laramie. I stumbled upon this apartment complex that seemed too good to be true.

The complex is called Campus Habitat and there are a few complexes across the US but the only one anywhere near Colorado or Wyoming is in Laramie, WY. They were offering some incredible deals: furnished or not furnished, gift cards upon move in, a highly discounted rate for early sign up, and the thing that I was the most excited about, a free tanning bed! I know, I know. Tanning isn’t good for you and it will cause cancer, but I live in Wyoming. The winters call for jeans and snow boots almost all year! So a tanning bed in my apartment complex was something to consider.

This complex is run sort of like a dorm. You have four roommates and two baths. However, everyone has their own bedrooms (with full beds!) we share a kitchen and the living room. Now, I’ve heard some horror stories about roommates that haven’t paid their end of the bill, that was something I was concerned about, however at this one, everyone pays their share to the manager. No worrying that  you will have to come up with all the rent!

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop though. It sounds like a fairytale…fully furnished, washer and dryer in each complex, a hot tub, all utilities included… All for $389 a month, so I guess next week I will find out if this is too good to be true. Until then I’m going shopping for my new place. I can’t wait to live on my own.”

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  1. Alissa Alissa

    Hi Natalie!

    Those are some super suggestions! Noise control is def key and I never even thought of calling the local police department (suppose I’m jading about NYC police!) – but they’d know best about the safety of an area.

    Thanks so much for your comment!

    Alissa, My First Apartment

  2. Avatar Natalie

    I’m moving into an apartment like that called The Reserve out in San Antonio. The difference? Private Bathrooms attached to the private bedrooms!

    At 500 a month (all utilities but electric paid) it’s not bad at all!

    The only issue I’ve heard about these is that some tend to be verrry party oriented, making it hard to sleep. So I asked for a 2nd or 3rd the floor apartment in order to keep sound at bay.

    The way I found this apartment was through google. Google is your FRIEND. I figured out which locations the school SHUTTLE BUS went to, then looked into what was at the stops. From there, I googled the names of each complex (eg, The Reserve, TX) to see what folks had to say about them.

    THEN, I called the local police. I asked them what sort of complaints they’d received at each location? “What? You had two murders at this complex? Thanks for the heads up!” and “This one has a gate that’s always broken…car thieves LOVE it.”

    That narrowed the possibilities down from 5 complexes to 2. Out of those, I just went with the cheaper one.

    Note: The earlier you sign your lease, the cheaper the rent. Signing in May when you intend to be at school in August is actually rather common.

    Another perk is that they have roommate finders in many of these complexes, so even if you’re new to the area you can enjoy cheaper rent with folks they vet slightly.

  3. Avatar Sharon Martin

    This is a great article to help college youngsters look for apartments. The author will go far in her chosen field.