Introducing Elyse, Our New Guest Blogger

Elyse is an NYU student who just recently managed to free herself from the college dormitory system. With her two roommates she is now rubbing elbows with the hipsters in the Lower East Side.

First Apartment Living: The Infant Stages
I’ve been living in my new apartment for about one and a half months. If my apartment life were a baby, it would be able to respond to loud noises, recognize peoples’ faces and focus its eyes on objects in front of it. It’s not quite able to lift its own head yet, but it’s close.

I live with two other girls in a glorious three bedroom on the Lower East Side. It’s loud at night, there’s only one subway anywhere near us (the dreaded F line) and we live on the fifth floor; but it’s home. And it’s clean, pest-free, there’s lots of space, and the walls aren’t falling apart due to water damage. I like to say we did pretty well for ourselves. If we’re lucky we also get to see Lady Gaga walking down the street at 3AM, entourage in tow. (True story.)

My two roommates are also NYU students. We migrated together from the college dorms. For their own privacy, I will refer to them as Rachel and Phoebe. (Of course, you’re expecting Carrie et al. But there are four of them and three of us, and I like Friends more than Sex and the City anyways.) So it’s been a month and a half and we’ve managed to fully furnish the place, unpack the boxes and even decorate a bit. We’ve met our neighbors, found our go-to grocery store, and figured out how long it takes to get to work and school. We’re pretty much settled. Hopefully we’ll start lifting our own head soon.

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