Fireworks and Renter’s Insurance

Happy post-July 4th malaise!

Hopefully, you’re taking some time off to see your fam and friends — maybe there’s even a lawn chair and some ice tea with your name on it. I’m back home and, I tell ya, it’s great — but there’s no better reality check than parents having the opportunity to grill me in person. There’s no ‘gotta run’ out — just answers. AND HOW.

One of the questions that arose over our July 4th BBQ was about whether people in New York lit fireworks. Specifically, whether people on my block lit fireworks. And, if I had renters insurance “just in case” my building caught fire. Gotta love relatives thinking of worst case scenarios.

Well, finally, after many moons of not having renter’s insurance — I do. A flood in my last apartment convinced me quite easily.

Should you get it? Well, consider how much it would cost to re-buy just your clothes. Work clothes, chill clothes, fancy shoes, tennis shoes, bathing suit, etc.  As crazy as it sounds, you probably have somewhere between 500-$1000 worth of clothes (if you’d have to re-buy it all new)

Then, of course, are the electronics, kitchen appliances, couch.  It’s more than a small amount of change — but that’s precisely what renter’s insurance is. Some rental agencies do one amount for the year, but others charge as low as $15/16 per month, depending on the size of your place, the safety of your neighborhood, what you need to insure etc.

For more renter’s insurance info (plus other helpful legal info), check out — I found their Top 50 Rental Law blogs quite informative!

Be safe, ya’ll!

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