Furnish Your Apartment At A Stoop Sale

Summer weather is great and all — but summer stoop sales are where it is AT. Seriously, take a walk down any Brooklyn neighborhood on a non-rainy Saturday or Sunday and there are more stoop sales than Chase banks, and that is saying something!

We’ve been talkin a bit about finding a swell apartment, but I wanted to take a break this week to address this timely, tried-and-true way to cheaply(but awesomely) furnish an apartment. Stoop sales may just save your bank account.

And they extend beyond Brooklyn, oh yes.  While it’s been awhile since I’ve lived in Chicago/Boston/Pittsburgh, I recall those cities having some fine, gently used summer saving opportunities as well, just called somethin’ else. Yard Sale? Garage Sale? More like AWESOME SALE.

Think of the Stoop Sale as a no-hassle Craigslist. No exchanging addresses and no getting let down by the quality of the goods. Or, if you rather, a more local version of Goodwill.

True, this can, often, mean alot of used clothing and moth-y paperbacks, but, like a good resale shop, it can also be an excellent place to pick up extra furniture at exceptional prices.

Actually, I have a nice side table and floor lamp that I got for a grand total of $22 at a Stoop Sale last summer. A girl was moving to Scotland and needed to get rid of everything in her apartment quickly.  Score.

For those new to this game, Stoop Sales are rarely advertised in traditional means, unless you count chalking as traditional. It’s all about neighborhood awareness and often the best way to find these sales is to take a nice lil’ walk and keep your eye out for signs plastered to lamp posts and the like.

So, get out there this weekend and have a gander! Worst case, ya get some nice exercise and a great excuse for an ice cream cone.

P.S. If you’re lookin to move out, a Stoop Sale could also be great for you to unload some of your old junk, er, stuff;-)

P.P.S. Think you scored an exceptional find under $20?  Post a comment with a picture and if we agree we’ll make your bargain even better by reimbursing you for the cost of the item! Best item wins!

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