First Apartment Bloggers Wanted!

My First Apartment is growing and looking to add two new bloggers to the site.  Check out the details below and let us know if you think you’d be a good fit!

Apartment Hunter Blogger: You are just starting to look for your first apartment and want to share the experience. We’d be looking for you to detail your “hunt” from start (or near start) to finish.

First Apartment Living Blogger:  You’ve already found your first apartment and are now settling in and getting used to living on your own.  We’d be looking to hear about your various learning experiences and any helpful tips/funny stories/interesting anecdotes you can share with our readers.

We’d like you to post weekly and can pay $10 a post.

If you think this gig is for you, drop us a note at and tell us where you are located and why you’d be the perfect Hunter or Living blogger.  

Please include one sample post of 250 words that mirrors our tone (fun, friendly with a smidgen of sass) and a photo of one  item you consider essential for your first apartment.

UPDATE 6-30-10: If you have already applied, please have patience for another week or so.  We have been overwhelmed by the response and need the long weekend to decide.

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  1. Tiffani

    So I am on an adventure to find my first apartment and it has been a very wild ride so far. I finally figured out who my roomate is going to be after many interviews and things and it is going to be my best friend who hates my boyfriend. I have descided not to let my boyfriend move in which i have not told him about yet and i’ll let you know his reaction at a later time. I recently got a job that requires me to go back and forth from the north and south side of indiana so i need to get something in between the two and i think i just found my perfect place. The only problem is that i have to beat all of the other people trying to get this apartment because it is the only 2 bedroom available for this special and if i don’t get it im stuck on the apartment hunt for a lot longer. Join me in my adventure it’ll be a bumpy ride. (:

    • Sisko Sisko

      Hi Tiffani,

      We have already picked several guest bloggers, so that position is no longer available. You have some interesting dynamics going on – BFF roommate who hates you BF! Good luck with all that. Let us know how things works out.