Apartment Hunting Is Like Dating: Trust Your Instincts

We’ve been doling out all sorta of insider tips these past few weeks, but today’s post takes us back to the field. Drama!

I had lunch with my younger cousin this past weekend and boy did she have some good stories — to learn from.  A new Brooklyn transplant, she came to New York hoping to find a career, knowing that she wanted to stay close to family.  Her bro also lives in the BK.

She’d been living on his couch for a few months and finally hit her breaking point — and decided to move out ASAP.

I remember talking to her a couple months ago, amazed that she’d found such a great new apartment so fast. At such a good price! I do recall her saying she felt a little weird, about the month-to-month lease, but that was mostly normal and she couldn’t put her finger on why she felt hesitant.  She was too excited for me to press.

Turns out the room she found was originally another girl’s — who was off to India until June. But she wasn’t going to move back in.  Just to pick up a few items she was leaving behind. Well, it’s June and guess what — the girl wants her room back and wants to kick my cousin to the curb. And, there’s other messiness — one roommate is totally in the middle and the other is MIA due to an ill family member.

So, my cuz had to install a lock on her bedroom door and is on the receiving end of some shrill phone messages and nasty emails. She told me over the weekend she probably was going to move out – just caus she didn’t want any more drama.

No awesome lesson here — except to trust your instincts. Sometimes you just KNOW — before you actually do. Yikes!

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