Should you be building a . . . first apartment dowry?

I was talking with a good friend last night who happens to be from Botswana. I met him while studying abroad in Ireland, where he’d been studying to be a doctor for the 3 years already at this point. He has a solid British accent and was fluent in English — to the point that I kind of forgot he was even from Botswana.

Well, until he started telling me about all of the requirements for his bride-to-be’s wedding dowry. Turns out, her mom excepts ALOT of goats. And, you know an entire house to be built for her before she’ll let her daughter, also a doctor, marry my friend T.

The situation is kind of ridiculous by modern standards, and I can’t image the stress he’s going through. Planning a wedding is enough work! But, it got me thinking.

A wedding registry accomplishes something similar, but most adults who get married tend to have the basics already. It’s college aged-folk who are in the most need.

Thing is, it’s hard to remember what all you need when it comes time for graduation gifts, bdays etc. So, why not start planning now? Clearwish is a great online browser-plug in that basically lets you bookmark what you want when you see it. On the site, you can organize by an event or price — and even send the list along to family or friends.

Not a bad way to build your first apartment dowry!

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