It’d be Sharp Thinking to Buy a Solid Pair of Knives for Your Apt!

No, I’m not some psycho killer. I just know knives are the key to successfully cooking at home. And, considering my last credit card bill — that’s definitely something I need to start doing more of! Plus, I tend to like my digits and don’t want to lose one due to a dull knife – most kitchen accidents happen when people have dull knives as they’re straining with the knife and use too much force.

I actually just got a hand-me-down Cutco knives and they are totally awesome — they also don’t need a sharpener (which I’ll get to in a second)

So, the knife basics. What different types of knives are there? There are four main ones:

Chef’s Knife
– Common, use-it-for-everything knife. You know chopping veggies and the like.

Paring Knife – The tiny knife for fine cuts…think carrots if you don’t have a peeler.

Slicing Knife – Long, thin knife used for carving roasts, turkeys, chicken, etc.

Serrated Knife – The slicer! Good for slicing bread, slicing tomatoes, and possibly sandwiches.

There are a few others but these are the crucial ones. As for what to look for when buying these knives, make sure they are sharp, comfortable to use, are made from good material, and are easy to wash.

Regarding sharpening knives, most knives will get dull and need to be sharpened. SOME, like Cutco and Henkel don’t need to be sharpened due to their design which I think to be a major plus (caus who wants to add sharpening knives to their to-do list?)

If you’re freaking out that Cutco knives retail for $350+ for a set, and are not in the position to make that serious an investment right now (who is), Amazon has a very good starter chef’s knife for $25. You can then add to your collection one knife at a time. (Ed. note: We have found that Amazon is a great place to score high-end kitchen stuff at low-end prices. Ebay too!)


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  1. Cecily

    Cutco is actually not serrated although it looks serrated. That’s why it works so well. It actually has a unique Double D edge which has three recessed edges protected by two points. Just thought I’d let you know :) Plus the initial investment of Cutco is very wise because the average knife is engineered to only last 1 to 2 years causing a high replacement cost. With Cutco’s Forever Guarantee guaranteeing Forever Performance, Forever Sharpening with free sharpening services, and Forever Replacement for half the price with misuse and abuse, you’ll have knives forever !