How to Make your Bathroom So Clean it Sings

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I’m having a house guest this week and as I walked around my house, I couldn’t help but notice…yuck. The bathroom was down right gnarly. There was that yucky bathroom dust over toilet, sink, tub and the like. I know that cleaning once a day takes about five minutes and that’ll let you avoids the BIG CLEAN…but clearly that boat had sailed long ago. Shudder.

So, it being a cold saturday afternoon, I got to work and gathered my supplies. This way once I got to work I was assured that have everything I needed — not a bad plan if I do say so myself. When you clean, I’d recommend getting:

  • Bathroom Cleaner and Wipe (Borax, Baking Soda etc)
  • Window cleaner for the mirror
  • Sponges, Paper Towels, Cleaning Cloths
  • Scrubbers or Gloves
  • Bucket of water (with 1/2 cup of vinegar for tile shine)
  • Bleach** I don’t like the idea of bleach, but it does work…if you use it be sure to wear gloves!

Once you gather your materials(be sure to stock up on these on your first trip to Target), it doesn’t take too long. About 45 minutes. I blasted some Tom Petty and was done in no time-ish. I do think I will try to take better care of the place on a daily basis as it saves time in the long run and, oh man, does it feel great to have such a clean bathroom!

P.S. I admit, I was totally clueless for the toilet so I borrowed these tips from Apartment Therapy!

  • Drop a few Alka seltzer in the bowl and let it sit over night for a clean bowl
  • White vinegar will dissolve most stains. Spray it on stains or pour it into the bowl.
  • If that doesn’t work, try baking soda. Let sit overnight and flush in the morning.
  • For really bad stains, try Coca-Cola. Pour over stains, let sit overnight and flush in the morning.
  • To prevent rust on toilet seat screws, paint them with clear fingernail polish.

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  1. Avatar Tiffany

    If you are going to use bleach, make sure to not use vinegar at the same time. It will have the same chemical reaction as mixing bleach with ammonia. Otherwise, get your clean on!