Keep Your No-Takeout New Year’s Resolution!

With the end of the holiday season comes the end of free, well-prepared food. No more well-balanced, homemade meals or three-course dinners that you pretty much just have to show up to. Nope, we’ll just have to make it be our New Year’s resolution to treat ourselves better and eat more healthily. We’ll actually have to try to, erm, cook?

Do yourself a favor, discover takes out all the scariness inherent in cooking, at least for those novices amongst us who would rather microwave a frozen dinner than tango with the oven or stove. Each day, the site offers a new menu complete with shopping list, game plan and recipe. It pretty much takes all the guesswork out of “how to prepare a grown-up meal.”

If you’re not thrilled with the menu of the day, you can also view past recipes and choose the meals that look the best to your particular taste buds. Budding foodies will likely also enjoy the extra articles housed in their “Food for Thought” section.

Those looking to cook sustainable foods can also check out the Eat Local link, which can tell you what’s in season for your region by season.

Want to know who’s in the kitchen creating all this delicious content? Two cooking dads and a French ex-journalist turned professional chef. Nifty, eh?

If you try a recipe, let us know how it goes!

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