10 more things you’ll NEED for your first apartment

When outfitting your first abode, you can leave the bean bag at home – but remember to bring along/buy these important items. This bit of extra planning will make your life wayyy easier later on as there are a few scrapes everyone finds themselves in. Actually, on second thought, keep the bean bag – too many chairs are never a bad thing (hey, house party!)

10) Strainer
First years out money can be tough. Pasta(and macaroni & cheese) is a great dinner option that you can flavor tons of different ways. But – wait – you need a…strainer first.

9) Extension cords, a bunch of ‘em

It doesn’t seeeem like your bedside lamp should need an extension cord, and yet, it and your plug-in alarm clock very much do.

8)Thick curtains for your bedroom
Not only will these shield you from creepy neighbors, but you’ll be thanking yourself come day break.

7)Trash cans for kitchen, bathroom, etc
Trash cans are not the prettiest or funniest apt accoutrement, but without them you’ll be living with tons of garbage bags on the floor. ‘nough said.

6)Spare set of keys
I know, you’re responsible. You won’t lose your keys. So, pretend it’s just for the future houseguests you’ll be having!

Sometimes circuits blow. When you need to climb down three flights of stairs to the basement to turn the electric back on, you’ll be glad you can see.

4)Emergency $20 bucks
Next time you’re sick and want to order in food caus you can’t get off the couch, you’ll be super /psyched that you have that extra dough under your pillow. Most places take cards these days, but not all.

3)Sickie Supplies
Speaking of when you get sick, make sure to keep the medicine cabinet stocked. Advil, Sudafed, Cough drops, Cough Syrup…you’ll be glad you’re so well prepared!

2) ICE (in case of emergency) contacts on the fridge for all roommates(and in your phones) AND landlord info
Especially if you met your roommate on Craigslist, be sure to swap info. Should you need to reach him/her outside the apt or reach their family, you’ll be totally set. Also, having the landlord’s info handy is always a good bet

1) A sense of adventure
Living on your own is a big deal. Whoa! Deep breath, chica/chico. Sometimes things are gonna break. Sometimes there will be natural disasters happening within your four walls. As long as you take it in stride, and have a sense of humor. . . you’ll look back on your first apt as one of the best times of your life – promise!

PS. For a more extensive lists of all the basic furniture and supplies you’ll need, check out our handy checklists page.

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Comments (6)

  1. Avatar James

    I’m very glad I stumbled upon this post, I’ve been looking for certain things that I’ll need to do for my first apartment and this and your other list helped out a lot! I’m still trying to research my local utility costs and how to get a good average for each section, like sewage, trash, water, electrical, etc.. If there’s a list or a “How to” on these things I’d be super grateful! If it’s too much trouble, or you just don’t know where to start it’s fine; this list has helped out with my to-do list exponentially! Thanks again!

  2. Avatar joseM

    wow just moved to tampaa with an uncle, just befor i think im ready for an apt found this great site with these lists of things to get will have these in favorites on cell phone and used while shooping thanks!

  3. Avatar Miss M

    LOL- garbage cans- that is such a MUST. Especially for the bathroom and your own room.

    Thick curtains, most definitely. And $20…didn't even think of that until the time I DID NOT want to go outside…great tips!

  4. Avatar Alissa

    Glad you like the list, guys! Jim, I hear ya– will write that list for next week. Big hint — FURNITURE and GARBAGE BAGS:)

  5. Avatar Caitlin Griffin

    This has been the MOST helpful thing I have seen in a long time :)! It has really helped get everything from my brain onto paper and even reminded me of things I never thought about. Thanks for making my first time moving out an easier experience!