Top 5 Warning Signs That the Apartment Ad is a Scam!

When you’re trying to suss out an apartment over the internet, hopefully you’re not taking everything you’re getting back at face value. Oh no! Did I ruin the apt dream for you? I hope not. . . because cozy certainly means small in NYC translation as opposed to, you know, home-y and cute. That’s a minor deception that you have to get used to.

The following are just nasty and speak to a total scammer.

1) No pictures are included. K, so maybe a few years ago it was okay not to include pics. But these days, when everyone and there mother owns a camera AND a camera-phone, there’s no excuse. Except, of course, if the person doesn’t actually want you to see the real apt.
1A) The only thing better than no pictures at ALL are pics from a magazine. Puh-leeze!
2) The zip code listed is actually 50 streets away from the neighborhood they claim the apartment is in. Yeah, if you’re looking at, say, Upper West Side and the zip code places you in Washington Heights, Houston you got a problem.
3)The price is ridiculously low. Hey, I love a good deal as much as the next gal but you are not renting an apartment for $400 in NYC unless you are living in a total slum. And even then. . . you’d prob be charged at least $500.
4)The writing is not just bad, but totally illiterate. The Nigerian Prince scam comes to mind. . .

And. . . the best clue that you are about to get scammed?

5) They ask you to send your social security # and/or a scan of your ID! No one legit will do that except a licensed broker AFTER you have the apartment. Dios mio what a world.

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  1. Avatar Blairh

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